Here We Go Again, Say It! Say what?

It's Episode 474 with plugins for Sliders, Shortcodes, and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Slider – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider, Remove Orphan Shortcodes, Say what?, Easy Testimonial Slider and Form, Categories Images, Say It! and ClassicPress options in Episode 474

With great appreciation for the No Agenda Show for their inspiration of ideas and the occasional stolen sound clip.

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Johns Rant:

This is #33 of 52 51 episodes for 2020. Its Episode 474 and the AI overlords seem to be enjoying themselves, creating all kinds of havoc in the internet and computers everywhere. Ditch the overlords and find yourself an Oasis like the one at The Rogues Tavern someplace where you can check out from the world and unplug. We are now 34 weeks into 2020 and 23 weeks of the Rona, Masks are all the rage now be sure you have one stuffed in your pocket ready to go. The new programming is closer to completion and the news is finding it harder to keep the populations scared, but have no fear, WP Plugins A to Z is here to lift your soul.
The new narrative is rolling out and the opportunities have never been better in the world all you need to do is grab them while they are in front of you. But be sure to stock some stuff away for the rough times though.

Things you can do to help your soul:

Minimize your M5M news exposure,
Work on your own little part of the world to make it a better place to be.
Inspire others around you to do the same.
Don't worry about things you cannot control.
Stop accepting and doing things that are not be your best interest.
Work in your best interest while at the same time respecting and helping others, the rewards will follow.

We have some news from the world of WordPress for you today as well as some great plugins.

Let's get to the fun we have today.

WordPress News and Info

Before we jump into the news, ……

Life has been busy and some of you may have noticed we skipped a week, while some may not have. It was good to take a break and do some reflections and gain new perspectives on life but well —-Weeee'ree baaacckkk……………………………..

News this week:

Apple to Enforce 1-Year Limit on SSL/TLS Certificate Lifetimes on September 1, 2020, Mozilla and Google to Follow Suit

This is old news but what happens when you take a YEAR opps a week off in the tech industry….

Tips Tuesday – Rebranding, Lazy Load, PHP, WordPress 5.5 Code Changes
look about halfway down for info on wp 5.5 changes

Why WordPress 5.5 is Breaking Sites

WordPress 5.5 Breaking Websites: How to Fix

WP 5.5 issues What some ppl are saying :

« Hello, after an updating two of my sites become soon as broken! Elementor pages and Envato creating pages also became invisible, the « Elementor editor is not load, one of my site's theme and common elements became absolutely chaostic vision! How to re-update to the previous version of WP? Its horable! »

« After installing 5.5 I wasn't able to create or change any new pages or posts because the editor was broken somehow. I coud not change from text to visual or to block editor (usually I use the classic editor) or to my page builder plugin. Nothing worked even after deactivating all plugins. So I downgraded to 5.4 and everything works fine again. »

« One of my clients website (I didn’t create it) completely broken! »

« Editor is nor working anymore, buttons gone for bold, kursiv, links, etc…. also the tags, field is there but if y type something, no tag is shwoing up link under it is not working either. Picture is not working as usuall as well. This problem is taking place if i like to creat a new post or edit a post, same as in pages, so the Editor Fubtion is not somehow “destroyed”… »

Some numbers about the official WordPress plugin directory


The hall of shame via Automattic:

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ClassicPress Options

ClassicPress is a fast growing fork of WordPress that is starting to come into its own. ClassicPress is focused on Business Websites, runs fast and is looking pretty good. There are a few plugins specifically for ClassicPress and all plugins for WordPress 4.9.9 work well on it. I do believe it has a future.

One thing I am looking forward to in the ClassicPress World is the expansion of the number of ClassicPress specific plugins and their own repository. Currently there are not a lot of ClassicPress specific plugins but I do know it is going to grow and I'll have to expand this segment then. Who knows, it could take over the whole show.

This week for ClassicPress I have:


Just a note for my ClassicPress listeners please send me info to help keep the ClassicPress section full.

Random Links to ClassicPress supporters

ClassicPress Resources:

For some up to date news on ClassicPress check out the ClassisPress Club news.
An alternate forum for the non-techies.

“Must Have” Plugins List

To find a listing of ClassicPress specific plugins check out this link there is currently 37 42 49 50 52 55 57 plugins here and growing. I look forward to the day they have their own repository. I can still recall WP when it had a small repository.

CodePotent's plugin directory

WordPress plugins

Are you looking for some great newly released plugins check this link

John's plugin

Slider – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Requires:4.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:02 March 2015
Last Updated:11 June 2024
(4.5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

If you have been wanting a simple image slider gallery that gives all of what you need free this is is a plugin for you. Simple to use and install and it allows you to create multiple sliders for multiple pages. Simply use a short code to place where you want it and it has lots of adjustments for sizing.

Rating 5 Dragons.


Amber's Plugin

Easy Testimonial Slider and Form

Requires:3.5 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:06 August 2016
Last Updated:17 April 2024
(4.8 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

We received an email from a listener named Graham:

Hi John,

I was investigating Amber's guestbook plugin and realized what I really needed was a Testimonial plugin. One that enabled customers to add their own from the front-end.
After a lot of searching, I found Easy Testimonial Slider and Form which does just that.
Even the free version enables that function, something most others don't.
I was so impressed, I bought the paid version straightaway, to get extra features such as Star Ratings.
The cost is a one-off $15, which is a lot less than most, many of which charge ongoing fees.
It has been regularly updated, but not many people seem to be downloading it. It's one of those gems you stumble across if you search long enough, which is what your podcasts are about.
It works fine on ClassicPress too. Thought you might like to review it. I would give it a “Five Dragon Rating”, but it does have the paid version – albeit very cheap.


So of course, I had to check out this apparent gem of a plugin.

And I found I actually liked this quite a lot. I always enjoy having the option to completely personalize my plugins, and this offers you the opportunity to customize EVERY one of your messages and label settings, along with just about every other aspect of the slider. You even get to decide what the failure messages say! It's awesome!
The adding of the actual testimonials is simple and easy. And if you're like me, and decided to change everything you could in the label section, you get to find out what you changed that didn't actually make sense to change…
You know, I honestly had no clue that it was uncommon to have the ability for customers to put in their 2 cents worth from the front end. I like the fact that they can do that with this, and that you can still monitor the testimonials to keep the trolls at bay.
This plugin is pretty cool.
Most amazingly though, they give you absolutely everything you need in the free version to make it work for you – I have found so far that generally you will get almost everything you need in the free version, so you can just get by, but you need to buy the pro version in order to really make it work. With this though, you get everything you need for one site, and than when you upgrade, everything just gets fancier, and you can add more than one slider. Not really a HUGE difference between the two. And like Graham says, it's really quite cheap for the one time price!
So Graham, thank you for writing in, and I have to say, I totally agree with you, this is totally a diamond in the rough, as it goes, and even the paid pro version doesn't dampen my opinion, because they actually provide you with what you need entirely for free – which most don't I have found thus far.

Rating 5 Dragons


John's plugin

Remove Orphan Shortcodes

Requires:3.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.3.5
Released:07 May 2013
Last Updated:11 September 2023
(3.8 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

I am revisiting this plugin again as I have just started a new project that will require cleaning up allot of old short code and in the intern the easy way around the new layout is to simply have the old short codes not displayed. and this one does the trick

Rating 5 Dragons


Amber's plugin

Categories Images

Requires:2.8 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:12 June 2012
Last Updated:03 April 2024
(4.5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

First of all, I'd like to mention how very much the search operation on the plugin site sucks. I'm a pretty good speller, but sometimes I don't get it totally right – like with this one, I put an ‘A' twice. So, one letter wrong, and I could not for the life of me find this plugin! My dad told me about this plugin, needed it for a site; and I wound up searching through at least 50, probably more, plugins before he realized I hadn't found it because I had misspelled the word.

This plugin is used to add a picture into the Category or Taxonomy in your site.

And trust me, there aren't many that do this – and none as well as this one. I found maybe 2 others, one of which hadn't been kept up, and they did not work nearly as smoothly or as well as this one.

The way this one works, is you plug it in, and let it go. It has a settings page, where you can choose specific taxonomies from the plugins grasp, to keep from interfering with anything like woo commerce.
What happens is it adds an extra little bar at the bottom of the add new category page, where you can upload/add image. Very useful! And with this plugin, what you see is what you get, in the sense that there is no pro version; it just does it's thing at full speed right from the get go.
They keep it well updated, and I think it's totally worth checking out if a picture for your categories is something that you would need.

Just make sure you spell the word right.

Rating 5 Dragons


John's plugin

Say what?

Requires:6.2 or higher
Compatible up to:6.6
Released:08 March 2013
Last Updated:09 July 2024
(4.3 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This can be a pretty fun plugin in your site or one that can help clarify things in a clients site. The free version makes you think and work a bit to find the strings to replace but the pro version makes it an easy task.

Rating 4 Dragons.


Amber's Plugin

Say It!

Requires:5.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to:5.8.10
Released:27 March 2019
Last Updated:12 November 2021
(4.2 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

I found this a while back, but was really unnerved by the need for coding. This last week, I decided to try my hand at the plugin – and it was actually a lot of fun.

This is a plugin to make words or sentences, or even entire paragraphs spoken out loud for you. The voices are a little robotic, but you get to choose which voice you use, so that's cool.

This plugin is totally free, although the Creator David Manson does state in his FAQ:
If you use the Google TTS, you’ll need to give your banking information to Google and you can be charged if you use it a lot, however SayIt! is using a smart caching system, so it requests Google only for new voice Generation.
I THINK that means there is a work around when using Sayit a lot while using Google TTS. I don't really know much about the Google TTS, but I wanted to mention this if anyone out there is using Google TTS.
Now, onto the plugin itself – You need to be willing to write out the code around whatever it is that you want to be read out loud. But, you get a cheat sheet for the basics. I also learned that you MUST write this into the ‘Text' area, rather than the ‘Visual', because otherwise, it just sorta messes up funny…
There is a settings page, and you can change up the mode, from HGML5 to Google TTS, Amazon Polly, or disable it. You can set the language, and speed as well. You can also change up the skin theme for the button showing up on the word… it's really quite cool.
There are some options for Google TTS, and Amazon Polly in the settings as well.
Otherwise, you just wrap the words in the code given to you, and let her rip.
I do like this plugin, it seems like it could be pretty useful, especially for strange words like Hippopotomonstresesquippedaliophobia. Yea, that means fear of long words. But with a word like that, one must listen to it many times before being able to say it.
As a coder plugin, this is pretty awesome. However, unless you have a basic knowledge of coding, it can be really frustrating trying to figure out how to make this work at first – not to mention, a bit overwhelming. I know this is pretty simple, and likely easy for most who offer us their ear here, but not all.
In order to use this plugin as a greenhorn, the person will need to be both determined and patient until they are able to figure it out.

Rating 4 Dragons



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I'm working on a university professor website with an Alumni section all we need is to show a photo and the name and a plugin that will sort it automatically by last name.
I have spent a bunch of time looking for a plugin that will sort the names and its not that I mind paying for it but some plug ins a re just way overkill and some look like they would do the job but most of them are in Envato and I hate the Envato store because if you buy something and it does not do what you want good luck getting a refund.
I have been looking for team, faculty, and I thought to ask you maybe there is some other function or another plugin way to sort thru data that may not be a teams or faculty plugin some trick you know?

Hi Angel
I would recommend trying out the Connections Plugin it has been a couple years since I used this but it fit the bill back then for what your looking for and a brief overview of it is that it has improved. Check out the free version link in show notes.

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Closing out this Episode the Plugins We covered were:

John’s Plugins: Slider – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider – 5, Remove Orphan Shortcodes – 5, Say what? – 4

Amber's Plugins: Easy Testimonial Slider and Form – 5, Categories Images – 5, Say It! – 4


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