It's Episode 618 and we have a show for Xmas and New Years Holiday Season Chatter... but no WordPress News this week. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Holiday Magic for WordPress Plugins

Holiday Magic for WordPress Plugins

John's Intro:

It's Episode 618 and we have a show for Xmas and New Years Holiday Season Chatter… but no WordPress News this week. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

– ‘good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you happen to be hiding out there on the globe today! Coming to you LIVE from …'

Amber's Rant:

Welcome to Episode 618 – Holiday Magic for WordPress Plugins!

We're not gonna be doing a regular show today where we do a couple of in-depth plugin reviews for you. Instead, we're gonna mainly be talking about where WordPress is today, and where we think it's going in 2024 and beyond. There may be some chatter about some favourite plugins we have covered throughout the last year, some mentions of past news and other things, but since this is a Holiday show we are really just gonna be ‘winging' it.

Our regular reminders before we start the show today….


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That's it for reminders! We won't be bringing the usual questions at the end of the show today, though if you listen in you might hear some thrown in here and there.

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Let's start the show with this weeks Featured Artist:


Holiday art done by the Rogue!

Going through the Art Vaults is awesome, but we would love some new art! You can send it into us at You can also check out the art vaults yourself there too!

…We can NEVER have too much art!

WordPress Tips

Even though this isn't really a scripted show today, I do have one bit of advice that may or may not be useful for our producers out there.

Holiday Hours

Whether you have been in this business for ever now, or you are just starting out, remember to take some time for yourself this holiday season – and every other holiday season.

I know that you are probably busy, and you probably have a bunch of projects on the go all with deadlines just around the corner due to the New Years – but what good are you gonna be if you burn out?

Give yourself permission to take the time away from work.

And if you are doing these projects for your clients, and they are giving you a hard time, wanting you to to work through the holidays, just tell them that you are working on it. Don't tell them to bugger off (no matter how good that might feel), just placate them, sweet talk them, and then take your time off without guilt.

After all, making sure that you keep yourself form burning out IS a form of working on the projects right?

…Some random entertainment in the World of WordPress!

…Matt's Famous Quotes

…The hall of shame via Automattic:

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