How to Drive Traffic to a New Website

Author: Gen Wright
You can spend hours setting up a website and make it look perfect. But without the right traffic generation activities, no one will be able to see your masterpiece. So if your website is new, your most immediate challenge will be to drive traffic to your site.



Traffic generation means that you want visitors to visit your website. Note that you don't want just any visitor – you want targeted visitors.



So what are targeted visitors? These are people who are interested in what you have to offer on your website. For instance, if you are selling cameras, then your ideal visitor would be someone who is passionate about photography. If you are posting recipes on your blog, then your ideal visitor would be someone who loves to bake.



You want targeted visitors because you may want them to perform some sort of action – sign up for a newsletter, buy something, start a discussion, etc. If they are not interested in what you have to say, they probably won't do what you tell them to do.



So how do you drive targeted traffic to a new website?



There are many ways of doing so. If you are trying to feel your way on the Internet, the best place to start is to go to forums.



Communities are a great place to hang out because you get to connect with people instantly. Many forums allow you to post signature links after you have a certain number of posts. For example, after you have contributed at least 10 posts to the forum, you are allowed to add some links to the end of every post from here on.



This is a great way to post links and drive traffic without being too intrusive. Remember to check out the forum rules before making any post. Make sure that you observe the rules or you may get your account banned.



Many forums allow members to post signature links, but they do not encourage blatant advertisement. So what you don't want to do is to create an account, post a spammy looking link in your very first post, and then disappear. You won't get good results this way. You do want to register for an account, and start by introducing yourself to the community. Say hi to a few people (especially the moderators), and if possible, offer some valuable advice. If you have something to sell, then it helps to build good relationships with community members.



After a few posts, you will be allowed to add your signature links. Continue to post and contribute as per normal. The more you contribute, the more links you leave on the forum. If you want to acquire more traffic, try to participate in threads that are very popular. These threads tend to attract lots of eyeballs. A side benefit of participating in forums is that you get to understand your target audience better. The more you know about them, the better you can serve them.About the Author:

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