How To Get Backdoor Listing in Google With WordPress

Author: Brandon Hong

Did you know you can list for Free in Google with WordPress? Not too long ago, Google came up with a new concept called “Google Sitemaps”.

The technique you are about to learn in this article will save you time and money to get your site indexed and listed with Google, the ‘giant' search engine of the Internet.

One of the main objectives of Google Sitemaps is to help update Google's search engine of any changes or updates to your site.

It was a smart idea on Google's side, as the Internet was simply growing too big and too fast. The amount of sites that the search engine bots or commonly referred to as ‘spiderbots' or ‘spiders' had to visit were enourmous.

With Google Sitemaps, Google came up with a win-win solution for both parties. The need for the search engine giant to update their database with the latest search results, and an opportunity for site owners to get indexed with Google.

With Google Sitemaps, you can generate an ‘xml' file of your entire site, and submit it to Google using your Google Account.

Once Google has received your Sitemap file, it will be able to keep track of changes to your site. It's actuall a win-win for both parties.

Of course, for most people, they wouldn't understand all this technical lingo, let alone create an ‘xml' file.

Enter the hero to the rescue..Wordpress.

So how does WordPress come into the picture?

If you didn't know, WordPress is a very popular free blogging software for building and running blogs.

And because of it's popularity, WordPress users has developed a ton of plugins to be used with WordPress.

One of these is actually a Google Sitemap plugin for WordPress. Basically if you have run any WordPress blog, you can just upload the Google Sitemap plugin, and activate it.

What this will do is it will generate a Google compliant site map of your entire site or blog. And all this is done at the backend, transparent to the user.

Only thing left to do is to submit this sitemap file to Google…and you've gotten yourself a free listing in Google.

Amazing isnt it?

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