How to Make Money through Article Writing – Use Articles and Ghostwriters to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Author: Gen Wright
Did you know that more and more people are earning heaps of money by writing and selling articles online? This is because a lot of online entrepreneurs are more than willing to spend as much as $20/article.



Tips to Become a Freelance Ghostwriter



1. First, establish your expertise on the online arena. You need something that you can use to convince your potential clients that you have the capability to offer them with high quality articles or those that can help them grow their ebusiness. Create an online portfolio that will impress these people. I recommend that you write an ebook, at least 10-15 articles, and some newsletters and post them on your website. Through these, your prospects can gauge if you can meet their needs.



2. Pricing strategy. Since you are new in this endeavor and since you are competing with established ghostwriters, it would work to your advantage if you charge a little less. This will give your prospects a reason to try you out. I'd say charge $1-$3/500-word article. I know this doesn't sound much but you can eventually increase your prices once you have already proven yourself in the online arena.



3. Find prospective clients. Aside from emailing those people who might get interested on what you offer, you may also opt to join freelancing sites like Odesk, getafreelancer, and Elance. In these sites, you'll be able to easily connect with people who are looking for ghostwriters. They will create projects that you can bid on. Ensure that you offer 100% satisfaction to your clients as they are allowed to leave feedback on your profile. As you know, great feedbacks will help you acquire more clients.



If you are an ebusiness owner, you must know that without traffic, there is no way that you'll be able to make a sale. You can attract interested people to your website by simply writing and distributing articles online.



Use Articles to Drive Traffic to Your Website



1. Know what your readers really want and give it to them. First, conduct survey or perform an extensive keyword research to get the pulse of your target readers. Get to know what topics they usually search for online and write about them. This is the most effective way to capture their attention in no time.



2. Use killer titles. Dramatically improve your open rate by using titles that online users will be happy to click on. Make them benefit-driven; tell your target readers ahead of time what's in it for them. Also, ensure that they are concise, short, but extremely powerful. They must target emotional hot buttons and they must be well-written.



3. Make your articles informative. Your main goal in distributing your articles online is to convince your readers that you are really good on what you do and that you are the best solution to their problems. This can happen if you make your articles speak volumes about your expertise. They must be loaded with fresh and useful information that your readers will surely appreciate.



4. Insert links on your resource box. These links are the gateway to your website. To boost your click through rate, I recommend that you use anchor texts instead of plain URLs. Use the most popular keywords on your chosen niche that your readers can easily identify with. About the Author:

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