How To Reach The 100 Article Milestone In A Year

By Steve Shaw
You might think that writing 100 articles in a year is a Herculean feat that only the most advanced or professional writer can accomplish, but the truth is that even a beginner can reach this goal with a little bit of planning and consistency.

What’s the benefit of having a ‘100 articles’ goal?

When you’re doing article marketing, a pivotal factor of your success will be how consistently you submit articles. Many amateurs decide to try article marketing and then give up prematurely when they don’t see immediate results.

What a shame! Article marketing is one of the most effective, reliable, and user friendly website marketing tools, but you need to submit articles consistently over an extended span of time in order to reap the benefits.

Even when you know you should be submitting articles every month, it can be a challenge to stay focused and write articles on a regular basis.

This is where the ‘100 articles’ goal comes in–focusing on that long term goal and coming up with a plan on how to reach it is like building consistency into your marketing plan. Instead of thinking of each article as a one-off, you start to see each article you submit as contributing to a larger goal.

Why should you aim to accomplish this goal in a year?

The goal is not just to submit 100 articles–the goal is to do it in about a year’s time. There are SEO benefits for trickling out your article submissions consistently over an extended span of time. This allows you to build links in a more organic way, which is attractive to search engines.

So, a year’s time is a good time frame. Space your articles submissions out evenly over that time. Submit just 8 articles a month, and you will reach your goal with ease.

Strategies For Submitting 100 Articles In A Year:

Just 8 articles a month will let you accomplish this goal in a little over a year. That’s just 2 articles a week.

  • Write one article 2 days a week. Create regular ‘writing days’ where you have a block of time set aside for writing.
  • Or schedule, one or more extended writing sessions where you produce multiple articles at one sitting.
  • Or you can stockpile articles: Write 5 articles a week for 5 weeks. That will produce enough articles to last you about 3 months and will allow you to take a break from writing for a couple months (while still providing you with articles to submit during that time). Then do it all over again.

Need Writing Ideas?

Easy enough to decide to write 2 articles a week–the hard part is coming up with ideas of what to write about. Here are some suggestions to keep your creative juices flowing:

  1. Use a free article writing template that gives you a basic structure for crafting an article on your topic. I’ve created some of my own, and I use them all the time.
  2. Adapt content from your blog to create articles.
  3. Remember to write for newbies and more advanced readers–you can cover the same topic in two different articles geared towards groups with different knowledge levels.
  4. Use customer frequently asked questions as the basis for an article.
  5. Use a keyword suggestion tool such as WordTracker to see what keywords your target readers are typing into search engines. Then write articles to satisfy those searches.

Your Assignment:

  1. Commit to writing 100 articles in about a year’s time.
  2. Develop a plan to reach your goals using one of the strategies I’ve outlined here or customize your own plan.

Imagine how you’ll feel at the end of a year when you know you’ve stuck to your goal and made a huge and lasting impact on your website’s health. Consistency is the key–it is not hard. It just takes writing a steady amount of articles every month. You can do this!
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