Importance of Proper Font Size and Color in Website Design

Author: arvind

However, there are two most critical features that need special attention in the process of website design and its display – the font size and the font color. It should be remembered that optimizing your website properly may bring visitors to it, but the user stays on and reads on only if he is appealed by the color used and if the font size is correct. If the color used is too flashy or too dull, the customer will be repelled within seconds of arriving on your page. Similarly, if the font size is too big or too small, he might not find it comfortable to read through the content. It won’t matter if the content is rich in keyword; the font size plays the key role in inviting the reader to read on. Let us look at a few negative consequences that your website may suffer from if proper font size and color has not been used.

Effect of font size:

It makes the webpage look very technical/mechanical, the smaller the size of the text, more is the content that is displayed, which means it will look as if you are trying to cram up the space with content. It would seem bland and colorless.

Always remember that when people are browsing on the internet, they are not looking to read chunks of information. They don’t have the time to read a 100 word paragraph; users scan the whole page in just about a minute and then proceed on.

A smaller font size would mean lesser white space which will make it difficult for the reader to read the whole text. The graphics will look out of place with the page stuffed with text.

Effect of right colours:

Colors make the users notice your site, hence, when the user lands up on your webpage, he/she stays only if the color draws their attention.

Try and avoid using cool colors like the blues, greens and whites for the simple reason that they are not eye-catching and are used almost everywhere.

Catch the attention of the users by using reds, yellows and oranges with the right font size. They are warm and happy colors and add a fresh touch to the site.

Stay away from dark backgrounds. Firstly it’s difficult to read with a dark background and secondly it doesn’t make for a cheerful appearance.

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