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Inspire Yourself and Add Value to Your Business

Let the Spirit inspire youFinding inspiration can sometime be a chore but in today’s world most of the time it simply means spending a couple hours online or reviewing material you already have.

So you need to be inspired about your business, your website or anything else. Yes, it’s pretty much a given that all of us at one time or another need the occasional lift throughout life and we will need to be re-inspired at what we are doing and maybe learn a new way to add value to our current business.

I have recently had this and decide to read the collection of articles I had piled up to read. You see I discovered Evernote sometime ago and I especially enjoy its feature of being able to capture a web page in its entirety for later reading on my iPad, iPhone or my laptop and every other device I have.

So when I am traversing about the web doing research for something or I see a great piece of information from one of the many newsletters I get… And I do not have time to read it. I then stick that information in a special folder in Evernote for later reading. Well a few weekends ago I finally found myself with some time to read and decided to catch up on those articles.

What did I discover well here are a couple of great samples… “How to attract the best clients and the highest fees: Part 3” by Jim Connolly a great article for improving your business and helping to you come to the conclusion that you really can get paid what you are worth.

Then there is this great little piece… “10 Unusual Things I Didn’t Know About Google (also: the worst venture capital decision in history)” by James Altucher you really should take a few minutes and check it out.

I also rediscovered this article “What I learned about you through 5 redesignsby Neil Patel. Which is a great piece into why and how you should redesign your website from time to time. As well as many other articles there with some mind bending information.

Leading to your futureSo if you need to be inspired or just collect information for later review when you have a chance.. You should get Evernote so you can save it for when you can really savor the information.

It helped me to add new value to my business, by reminding me to take a look at my business from time to time and see where it might have slipped off the rails. So I can then put it back on the right track.