Instagram Digest Posts, Content Grid Slider, Custom Logins, Media Sales, Lightboxes

WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 170

It's episode 170 and we've got plugins for Instagram Digest Posts, Content Grid Slider, Custom Logins, Media Sales, Lightboxes and Category Based Default Featured Images. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!


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Listener Feedback / Audio Clips


Hi John,

Thank you for your help with the Ascending Posts plugin. To show the category list on your website you add a category link in your main menu in the appearance settings instead of setting up a page with a blog template. If you use the blog page template the ascending order doesn't work.

However when I added the category link in my menu the category listed fine in ascending order.

I just left you a 5 star rating and review in the iTunes store. Since I live in Australia I assume the rating went to the Australian iTunes store.

Thank you very much for a brilliant podcast, keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Steve Harlow



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**


William's Custom WP Login

Currently in beta testing but looking to be a very nice custom login page plugin.

This plugin is from one of our youngest listeners William the Kid. After a look over on the plugin at it current stage it is looking very good while you will need to get right into the code to do any customizations William does say he is working on an interface. It is not yet on the repository but is coming and when it get there you may want to add this to your site.

Beta Rating 3 Dragons.


Sell Media

the Lowdown,

In honor of the official launch of Canada Stock Photo I have a couple of the great plugins I used to create it. Starting with this one Sell Media, this plugin makes the job of selling your digital images a breeze and when combined with their theme makes it easy to create a stock photo website. This plugin allows you to create a custom set of sizes for people to download and the beauty is that you upload one image and it will create the size you are selling provided it is smaller than your original. It auto re-sizes and creates depending on the longest side. it has built in support for PayPal and with one of the addons you can add stripe. additional addon that are great is the commission's plugin to allow you to pay others for supplying images. pretty much everything you need to get started and if you spend a few extra dollars all that is needed.

Rating 5 Dragons


FooBox HTML & Media Lightbox premium

The lowdown:

Ok this is the follow up to the free version I reviewed a couple episodes ago back in 167. The premium version has so many more features it is worth the $27 fee for a personal site license. You are able to customize the popup and even add html and videos. You can fully customize the output of the popup box.  and more. All in all pretty great.

Rating 5 dragons.



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**


Content Grid Slider

Download Content Grid Slider

Content Grid Slider Overview:

This is a new kind of slider that shows off your products and services in a grid, and displays appropriate supporting text when you hover over the service block. I found this to be a really great quick and easy slider solution that focused on products and services over fancy slider images.


Rating: 4 out of 5



Instagramy Goodness

Download Instagramy Goodness

Instagramy Goodness Overview:

This plugin makes a weekly digest post of all your instagram photos into a WordPress post. It adds all of the images to your Media Gallery. The plugin can also import all of your images and turn them into a gallery, which really caught my eye. Overall it's worth trying out if you are really into Instagram so much that you have enough to make a weekly digest.


Rating: 3 out of 5


Category Featured Images

Download Category Featured Images

Category Featured Images Overview:

Right now I am working on the development of a large news and information site. This really helps to create featured images in the design and staging process, but I think I will leave it running for those times that I forget to have a featured image. This way it will fit the unique category with it's own image and you won't have to worry about “open window holes” in your site structure.


Rating: 5 out of 5


**Rambling Last Words and Plugin Wrapup



Plugins Overview:

John's Plugins: Custom WP Login – 3, Sell Media – 5, Foobox – 5

Marcus’ Plugins: Content Grid Slider – 4, Instagramy Goodness – 3, Category Featured Images – 5




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