WordPress Rules--Drink the Kool-aid now.

New & Interesting WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress Rules--Drink the Kool-aid now.This is going to be an ongoing page where I will highlight and place any new and interesting plug-ins I come across but am not yet able to podcast about or test out. It will be starting with this interesting plug-in that was recommended to me by the creator of it.


Hi there, my name is KJ, a web developer in Chicago, just thought I’d share my new WordPress plug-in with you.

A quick overview of what it is:
The Developer Tools plug-in for WordPress is the ultimate WordPress development tool. It creates an admin user interface for many of the code-enabled features in WordPress and commonly used web development libraries. The Developer Tools plug-in can also generate template code for theme development

More info here: http://developertools.kjmeath.com/

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