Internet Domain Name Confusion – Don’t Be Confused By Domain Names

Author: Elijah James

It has been said a lot of times that a registered and duly owned domain name is among the most fundamental tools in putting up a business website. The domain name serves as a website’s locator in the World Wide Web, so it is important that it is easy to remember and easy to perceive. By easy to remember, it means it should be short and can be spelled with eyes closed. By easy to perceive, it means that the address strongly suggests what the website is all about.

If you’re selling sunglasses, for instance, and the name of your fictitious company is “sands”, some of the good names are “”, “”, “”, among many other suggestive permutations. What we basically try to avoid here is customers’ Internet domain name confusion. When the domain name is friendly in the ears and the computer keyboard, there are greater chances for the site to be visited. If the customer types in a wrongly spelled address, he or she might be directed to another site, and shop in that site.

If you’re serious in establishing your brand in the World Wide Web, you must consider to buy all extensions that carry the name of your website. For instance, if you will use “”, you must also secure “”, “,” “”, and many other domain name extensions. This way, your competitors don’t have the chance to make fool of your website, buy those extra extensions, and simulate programs in these extensions that divert customers to their website instead of yours.

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