Internet Marketing Tools – Buying Web Hosting Checklist

By Tellman Knudson

Getting your first web hosting account is quick and easy if you know the steps. Checklists are awesome internet marketing tools, so I'm sharing with you my 17 step checklist to buying your first web hosting account.

In this checklist I refer to the web hosting company Host Gator, but the steps are pretty much the same if you use a different hosting service.

  1. Go to Host Gator
  • Click on “Web Hosting,” ignore reseller hosting and dedicated servers.
  • Choose your plan. Look for the least expensive plan that gives you unlimited domain names. Bandwidth and disc space should also be unlimited.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on “Order Now.”
  • If you have been following my suggested steps in other articles you already have your domain name, so select the option “I will use my existing domain and update my Nameservers only.”
  • Type in the domain name that you already own. Be sure to have the .com (or .net or whatever) in the appropriate box. Note: with Host Gator your type in the name in one box, they automatically have a “.” and then there is another box where you type in the suffix, whether it is “com” or “net” or “org”. Then, click next.
  • Verify the domain name is spelled correctly and that the correct package has been selected.
  • Choose how you want to pay, by month, annually, etc. Click on “Calculate Total”
  • Review the details of your order.
  • Click on “I am a new customer,” and fill in your name, address, etc.
  • Create a username and password, and don't forget to write it down!
  • Enter your billing information
  • Click the link to the terms of service and read them
  • Click on the button that indicates that you've read the terms of service.
  • Verify your order.
  • If everything is correct, click on “Process My Order.”
  • Review your emails. You will receive one with your username and login information and a 2nd email with your name server information. Be sure to save that email because you will be using it in the next steps
  • In 17 simple steps you have now set up your first web hosting account with Host Gator! Congratulations! Print out this checklist and keep it with your internet marketing tools, including your list of usernames and passwords. And remember to keep an eye out for that email and print it out and keep it with your tools, too!

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