Interview 29 with Adrian Tobey from Democratizing Marketing

Today's interview is with Adrian Tobey, founder and developer of Groundhogg Inc.

Adrian set out to democratize part of the internet back in June. He has 5-10 years of digital marketing experience. The traditional software they used for email marketing was all outside WordPress, and very frustrating. He built this plugin because other platforms were very uncontrollable, unreliable, and not user friendly.

How does this make it easier for people with WordPress to do their marketing (landing pages, funnels etc)?

This plugin is Drag and Drop. It's built with the WordPress UI in mind and is very similar to Gutenberg.

The pride and joy is the automated funnel builder! It's in two parts:

  • Benchmarks, which are anything someone might do on the site. It's an expansive list, from filling out forms to purchasing products and more.
  • Actions, which do something to a contact, e.g. send an email, send a notification

You can order benchmarks and actions however you like.

For example, the user fills out form including their email. From there, an action would be to send a confirmation email. They confirm, which is another benchmark. Automatically an account is created. The user receives an email telling them an account was created and tells them to log in. They log in, which could send an admin notification. From the notification, you can then create a custom reward! All this is just from dragging actions and benchmarks.

There are plans to incorporate certain membership plugins as add-ons. (Leave suggestions for extensions for their plugins at their website here.)

By default whenever a user is created, a contact is created. User modification counts as a benchmark, for example, upgrading someone from Free to Pro.

Much easier to pick up than other services, partly thanks to the one-click install.

This plugin is for marketers, but it's designed to not be a daunting task for non-marketers. There are several pre-installed templates and funnels. Webinar registration, Abandoned Cart sequence, a campaign for getting users/customers back, Email preferences, and more on the way. These are the basic funnels with the FREE plugin.

Groundhogg also offers an the Groundhogg Email Delivery Service, which is pay-as-you-go. Buy credits, then send emails for 1 credit per. Unused credits stay in the credit bank.

Reach Adrian at Groundhogg User Group on facebook, through his email, and on their website through either or