Interview with Christian Petroske

Interview 52 with Christian Petroske from ShoutWorks

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Today's interview is with Christian Petroske from ShoutWorks
ShoutWorks is not only the name of the company, but also the name of the plugin that was talked about in today's interview.

Main Talking Points:

  • This plugin, which is very easy to install and set up, connects your site with Alexa, and Alexa capable Devices. It can take the content of your choose, and read it out to the user when requested. A user can also use this to record a message for the business owner for tech support, or just simply a question on something, and Alexa will send it on to you to respond to at your leisure.
  • You have total control over what Alexa reads you from your site, and by connecting your site to Alexa through this plugin, you will wind up being on the Amazon site, with everything you have connected Alexa to through this plugin. Great for business!
  • E-Commerce: You can set up a page for Alexa to read out that tells the user all about your business and what you do, and you can also set up a deal of the day, or a coupon, something for Alexa to tell the user all about when asked.

Listen to learn more!

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You can reach them directly or through their websites. Everything is listed below.

  • Find their product at:
  • Contact Christain Petroske via email:
  • Reach out to Christian Petroske via
    Twitter: @shoutworks
    Facebook: @shoutworks
    LinkedIn: Shoutworks, or Christian Petroske