Is cPanel Hosting The Easiest Kind Of Webhosting?

By: Koz Huseyin

Hosting has been taken by storm recently with more and more hosting companies opting to use cPanel hosting as their hosting control panel. cPanel hosting has many great features which make managing your web site so much more easier.

Is your current website hosting company using a control panel which makes managing your website and domain very difficult? cPanel hosting transforms this into an easy to manage interface. And the best part of knowing many hosting companies are using cPanel hosting is that when you move hosting, there is no need for a long learning curve.

cPanel hosting allows you to easily log into the control panel or cPanel and manage your domain from anywhere you choose. You can save a lot of time and easily add domains, sub domains and email accounts. Because cPanel interfaces directly with the server (the actual computer which runs your website), most changes are done right before your eyes. I have been with hosts in the past which show me a message saying that my newly created email address could take 10 minutes to start working. Or setting up a sub domain taking as much as 3 hours to start working after creation.

  • Features of cPanel hosting which make it irresistible
    Please note that the features that follow may or may not be in your cPanel. Even though cPanel hosting looks the same, some servers could have same or different features.
  • cPanel Hosting Features
  • Mail
    Allows you to add email addresses, remove email addresses, and manage your email. You also gain web mail access. Which I find is a great feature, which allows me to have Outlook in the office showing me email, which I can also look at email out of the office easily.
  • Autoresponders
    cPanel hosting gives you an easy way to set up an autoresponder. Let us say you have a product. You could get people to email an autoresponder email address, and they would receive more information about a particular product.
  • Cron Jobs
    cPanel hosting allows you to set up cron jobs easily. A cron job comes useful if you want a page or script to run automatically at certain intervals.
  • MySql Hosting
    cPanel hosting generally comes with the ability to have MySql databases. These databases become crucial for any modern website running with a database backend such as WordPress. MySql within your cPanel hosting is very easy to create a database. Almost everything within a cPanel hosting account is point and click.
  • Website statistics
    When you buy cPanel hosting, you get access to a variety of ways to view the stats for your website. With cPanel hosting, you can look at the original log files or use Webalizer or Awstats. These are great ways to learn more about the visitors to your website, you can even find out how often Google, Yahoo and other search engines visit your site. Another great feature is to see latest visitors, which shows you who came in last, and where to your website.
  • Fantastico! And Script Library
    This is truly Fantastico! And I think I know why they called this great feature within cPanel as Fantastico. Fantastico allows you to create a lot of different types of websites in a few clicks. If you have ever installed WordPress, then you will know that even with the 5 minutes installation time, you want something simpler. Fantastico contains such products as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and many others.

Fantastico gives you a form, and with only putting in the most minimal of information, you have a brand new site in most cases less than 60 seconds! It is enough to make any web designer from few years back, look in awe.

cPanel hosting comes with many features, and you can be sure that when you choose cPanel hosting, you're very small needed learning curve can be used with other hosts sporting cPanel hosting. In the past a lot of the smaller web hosting companies opted to use cPanel, now more and more larger hosting companies are offering the benefits of cPanel hosting.

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