It's Episode 516 - W have plugins for Hero's, Videos, Pride, Image management, Stop Spammers, Wasting time ... and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

It’s a Brave New Virtual World

It's Episode 516 – We have plugins for Hero's, Videos, Pride, Image management, Stop Spammers, Wasting time … and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Hero Maps Premium, Magnifi Video Widget, Disable WP Registration Page Spam, Pride Codes, Bulk Image Resizer, Spider Solitaire Card Game – Embed Spider Solitaire for Free – Ad-free Spider Solitaire Puzzle game ……. and ClassicPress options on Episode 516.

John's Intro:

65 weeks and the count continues; Now just trust the plan, life is what it is and the show must go on. Find Joy in the Earth.

With great appreciation for the No Agenda Show for their inspiration of ideas and the occasional stolen sound clip.

This is a value for value show and I look forward to everyone providing some value back.

Before I get started, you will want to hang around to the end of the show for our Q & A segment with Amber…. and to those listening on the podcast, you may want to check out the YouTube version which has some great discussions before the show starts…

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Ambers' Rant:

This is #24 of 52 episodes for 2021. Its Episode 516! Summer Solstice is on it's way, alongside Fathers Day! Pretty awesome that Fathers day is happening on Summer Solstice this year! I always thought the Solstice was on the 21st of June, but this year it's on the 20th.

For Fathers day, I recommend you get out and take advantage of the good weather with your dad! Spend some time in the great outdoors with them, or if you can't find the time on Fathers Day itself, make some time somewhere around there! Spending a day with your dad can be pretty awesome. Be sure to turn off that media – keeps the political discussions at bay. No radio, no Internet, just some awesome time in the great outdoors!

If you can't make it outside for whatever reason, try just opening a window and turning off the media for about an hour every day. Give your dad a ring, or even just send some good vibes his way.

Rinse and repeat as often as needed.


We have some news from the world of WordPress for you today as well as some great plugins.

News this week:

Designers: remember, your portfolio is part of your portfolio – I came across this and thought that this would be good for a question aked later in the show. This is a great article helping people out with creating their portfolio – this also explains why your portfolio is part of it too.

Mother of all password leaks – labelled as RockYou2020 on hacker forums as a nod to RockYou data breach of 2009.

Jilt is shutting down April 30, 2022 – and so are not taking any new accounts. Current customers can use Jilt until shut down. This article has a decent list of other platforms you can look into to replace Jilt.

New Plugin called ToolBelt Plugin to help with tidying up notifications module.

Instead of flipping houses, now we have flipping WordPress Sites – I found this an interesting idea. I don't know if this is a regular practice long established or if it's a bit newer on the market, but apparently these guys specialize in flipping WP sites.

An interesting article about providing WP Admin Credentials to Plugin Support Staff – in my own experience, this is a fairly regular practice; However, it's also nerve wracking. I know I personally learned pretty quick how to create their own account for them so that they can test the plugin without putting my site at too much risk – but even than I was pretty paranoid about giving out the info. This is a pretty informative article about doing just this.

Gutenberg 10.8 has added new Typography controls and block previews – this looks like a pretty useful addition! They have even added an Archives Dropdown.

Privacy analysis of FloC – a decent run down of the privacy around the new and uninvited FLoC.

Lessons learned from Fastly outage on writing error messages – This is a very true statement. Not all error messages are equal – and with the rising number of people online receiving said error messages, a re-writing of them into leymans terms would be a good thing in my opinion.

6 SEO facts to consider in web design – useful for those that pay attention to the SEO factors of the sites they are building.


This is the extra news stuff that someone out there might find interesting. To read more, you can head on over to the show notes or newsletter and check it out! If you find something to add for next show, send me a link at

The extras – for even more extra news, check out our FaceBook, or Twitter page!

Tips Tuesday with MayAnna – Content revamping, security, trend observations and more!

Hackers stole source code from Electronic Arts and are selling it online. More than 780GB of data from the gaming giant is out there being sold.

Google Workspace for free and how to get it – Just in case anyone out there could use free online workspace.

Twitter is testing out a ‘DON'T @ ME BRO' feature – This could be useful.

A different take on speaking for free at events – And why even paying to do 5 minutes speaking at an event could be worth both your dollar and your time.

Windows 10 is revoking support in 4 years – That seems like ages away, but remember people – we are already pretty well halfway through 2021.

Automattic has acquired Day One journaling app for Iphones. I suppose this means that they are pushing out into the Iphone world?

Building your own studio for under $3,000 – For those of you who are thinking about getting your own show rolling, check this out! It's got some GREAT tips!

11 secrets for Firefox that will make you an internet pro! – I like it when these lists aren't just full of ‘if you had simply messed around with the thing a little more on your own you would have found it' things. This actually lists some useful things that are not easily found by simply messing about with the programme. I know I am now incorporating a few of these myself, and they are useful! (Especially the tab ones.)

Link shorteners and why you shouldn't use them – Kinda wish I had read this before I started working on this show – Then I wouldn't of had to learn this first hand. Hopefully it helps some one out there avoid my mistakes!

11 great tips for creating a landing page – This is written really well with plain language, and has pictures to help out – great to send on to your clients as well when they are feeling a little stuck.

The hall of shame via Automattic:

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Off we go into the meat and potatoes, Into the depths of plugin depravity…..

ClassicPress Options

ClassicPress is a fast growing fork of WordPress that is starting to come into its own. ClassicPress is focused on Business Websites, runs fast and is looking pretty good. There are a few plugins specifically for ClassicPress and all plugins for WordPress 4.9.9 work well on it. I do believe it has a future.

One thing I am looking forward to in the ClassicPress World is the expansion of the number of ClassicPress specific plugins and their own repository. Currently there are not a lot of ClassicPress specific plugins but I do know it is going to grow and I'll have to expand this segment then. Who knows, it could take over the whole show.

This week for ClassicPress I have:

General info:

Just a note for my ClassicPress listeners please send me info to help keep the ClassicPress section full.

Random Links to ClassicPress supporters

ClassicPress Resources:

For some up to date news on ClassicPress check out the ClassicPress Blog.

“Must Have” Plugins List

It seems ClassicPress now has it own repository you can check it here they now have 72 plugins available.

CodePotent's plugin directory

WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for some great newly released plugins check this link

John's Plugin

Sent in by Angel Lemus

Hero Maps Premium

This is a responsive google maps plug-in. It allows you to aggregate all your markers on any Map with a simple drag and drop interface. The map pins are fully editable to your taste, you can embed as much information as you like into each pin. This is a very easy program to work with and it looks fantastic. This is a very affordable premium plug-in sold through the Envato market for $20.

I give it 4 Dragons!


Amber's Plugin

Pride Codes

Requires:4.8 or higher
Compatible up to:6.3.4
Released:19 September 2017
Last Updated:10 August 2023
(5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

A very simple and easy to use plugin to show support on your site for Pride Month.

Install it, go to settings, select which version you are wanting, and save settings.

Whether you choose the rainbow banner, or the corner rainbow that says ‘vote yes', you now have that hanging out on your site.

I think that the way this plugin was created was fantastic, very easy and simple to use – though the selections they offered were not overly great in my opinion. They could have been a wee bit more imaginative, and the ‘vote yes' is, in my opinion, a little out of date at this point – though it certainly gets your support out there.

Rating 4 Dragons


John's plugin

Sent in by Mark Wilson

Magnifi Video Widget

My name is Mark Wilson, I work with a company called Magnifi and we have created a WordPress plugin as a branch of our Video Widget. The basic concept of our Video Widget is that you are able to embed video conferencing via iframe, JavaScript SDK, or WP shortcode at any point in your website or workflow.

We have default configurations that help to easily solve different video use cases and the meeting rooms themselves are meant to be customized and white-labeled to whichever company is deploying them. We at Magnifi both admire and respect your show, my team and I are all familiar with the work that you do! We would greatly appreciate your review and feedback on our plugin as well as to have you test it for useability, wow-factor, value-add, and general feedback.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's plugin

Bulk Image Resizer

Requires:5.3 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:16 June 2021
Last Updated:23 April 2024
(4.9 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

Brand new out of the box plugin that will resize images in bulk! Very useful – it also has an option to resize any newly uploaded image.

And bonus: it does not create that grainy issue I have seen in some bulk image resizers.

Pretty awesome freemium plugin, very easy to use and simple set up. Just make sure to look for ‘Op Image Resizer' in your plugins list – for some reason it adds Op to the name in your list, even though it's not in the name.

This is optimized for speed to keep you from being slowed down, allows you to monitor status of images on server, allows additional information to the column on the image – you even have the ability to code in filters.

One major drawback though, you cannot go back to the original size once you have resized it – so make sure you want to resize it before you do it. Backups are a major thing, as most of you already know I am sure.

Really nifty plugin, definitely recommend you go and check this out.

Rating 5 Dragons


John's plugin

Disable WP Registration Page Spam

Requires:3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:05 June 2021
Last Updated:23 June 2024
(5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

Cut down on the amount of spam registrations on your website by using this plugin. It does not disable the registration function but removes the easily found link on the default registration page.

Easily disable default WordPress registration page, remove register link and stop all spam registrations, without disabling the actual registration functionality. You may still want to accept user registration using membership or registration plugin.

This plugin works great with popular registration plugins, you can have the registration form on a separate page at the same time disable the default registration of WordPress and protect the spam account creation by bots.


  • Stop spam / fake registrations in WordPress.
  • Disable default WordPress registration page.
  • Remove register link from login page.
  • Remove register link from forgot password page.
  • Disable registration page but allows user registration.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's plugin

Spider Solitaire Card Game – Embed Spider Solitaire for Free – Ad-free Spider Solitaire Puzzle game

Requires:4.9 or higher
Compatible up to:5.6.13
Released:25 March 2021
Last Updated:25 March 2021
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This was apparently updated 3 months ago, and even though I have everything up to date on my site, I am not able to get this working.

I have tried this plugin a few times on a couple of different sites of mine over the past 4 months, and it just doesn't work for me.

I am really disappointed, because I love spider solitaire! And I would love to have this game on my sandbox site! I am slowly building a collection of distraction games there to really turn it into a sandbox – it's a great treat for after I finish my plugins for the week! 'cause I only allow distraction after my work is done…..

But I just can't get this going.

I don't know if maybe it's just me, and if it is, maybe someone out there who tries this plugin and gets it working, please! Write to me and let me know what to do; maybe there is a vital step I am just not aware of to get it working!

Until than, I am rating this pretty low due to the disappointment I am feeling over this not working.

Sorry onlinesolitairecardgame peeps.

Rating 2 Dragons


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WordPress plugins crafted from love and experience


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The plugins we covered were:

John’s Plugins: Hero Maps Premium – 4, Magnifi Video Widget – 4, Disable WP Registration Page Spam – 4
Amber's Plugins: Pride Codes – 4, Bulk Image Resizer – 5, Spider Solitaire Card Game – Embed Spider Solitaire for Free – Ad-free Spider Solitaire Puzzle game – 2

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****Q & A Time with Amber ——– Catch this info on our YouTube Channel*****


*** Note if you have questions you would like asked, send them to Amber at she will get them into this segment. ****

  • First off, we have a question from a listener! Greg Holdsworth from Greg's Graphics sent this in:

Hi Amber,

My main business is print production and design, but I am considering doing websites for clients (obviously in WordPress… similar to what John has been doing for many years).

How would you recommend building a portfolio of sites to showcase your experience? And, is there a big market for “WordPress websites”?

I'm not a developer, but I have a few years experience in WordPress already.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work with the show.

Greg Holdsworth
Greg's Graphics

LOVE hearing from listeners! Thank's for sending in the question Greg!

  • So far, I have found it a lot easier to help other people build what they want for their sites. How do you get started on your own sites? What first steps need to be taken to get your own ideas out? (Other than just knowing what kind of site you are wanting)
  • I've been reading up on cyber security, and I am honestly amazed at the enormity of the available companies for homes and businesses. Is there a particular, or a even a few particular programme's that you would recommend people look at when looking into security for their home computers?


  • Why that (or those) in particular? What sets them apart for you?

Closing out this Episode

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