Joomla and Adobe Dreamweaver

By Jared Runcorn

Because Joomla is an open-faced content management system, extensions for Joomla can be created by anyone, as long as they use the Joomla language. Dreamweaver can create templates and accessories that will help to embellish your website.

You can use your Dreamweaver program to create and edit your Joomla templates. Yes, it is possible. It will just take some adaption and confidence on your part. You will be using this software in a different way that what you are used to.

There are websites and blogs that are dedicated to this specific topic; all you have to do is research the issue. You can find step-by-step instructions on how, exactly to set up Dreamweaver before you get started and how to use it to your advantage. Do take advantage of this option and the information that is available on using to create and edit your Joomla.

There are various tutorials on this subject as well. It could be a video or a step-by-step post. No matter what way you get the instructions and the information, it could prove to be beneficial to you.

There are actually extensions that have been made for this program For example, the Template Kit is the perfect extension that will have you creating and editing your own templates with the use of the Dreamweaver program. It offers quick and easy wizards that will aid you throughout the entire process. It comes with a training video that provides you with help throughout the process. You can be creating and editing your own Joomla templates within two hours. How nice would that be?

In order for Dreamweaver to function and work together (you editing and creating templates by using this program) your best solution is to install FireFox 2.x with the Developer extension. This will make your work so much easier and the compatibility level will rise.

To modify a Joomla template, you will have to modify the CSS code; however because of the way Joomla is structured it seems nearly impossible to accomplish this task from inside the Dreamweaver program. This is where Firefox comes in handy. Using Firefox with the Developer extension allows you to create separate folders where you can work on the CSS code by importing them by alternate means and direct sources. Confusing? Yes, for those of us who really have no idea about CSS codes. If you don't know how to operate Dreamweaver, it can prove to be a very difficult task.

One must know a little something about this program to even have any idea of how to accomplish this difficult task; however for those who have the experience with Dreamweaver, following these step-by-step instructions should prove to be easy. For those of you who know nothing about Joomla or Dreamweaver, don't give up. It is possible to learn and there are websites, articles and blogs out there that will help you to understand more, until you are able to create and edit your Joomla template with the use of Adobe Dreamweaver.

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