Joomla Communities – the Main Reason for the Popularity of This System

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The developers of Joomla must take some credit for designing Joomla the way it works today. With this system, people do not have any issues at all in coping up with their content management needs. But with that being said, you will also find that communities and people have contributed in a big way in the development of the system.

In fact, all the initial posts and threads contributed by the Joomla community fiercely guided Andrew Eddie, to launch this powerful content management system.

Just so you know, you will find a lot of official and unofficial Joomla communities. Basically, in these communities, participating members share their views on how to redevelop the system to make it more robust. Participating in these communities also helps a lot of newcomers to this system feel comfortable with using the system.

As on date, the official Joomla community boasts of about 300,000 threads, and more than a million posts. All this has happened in a span of about 3 years, which goes to show how popular Joomla is, as a content management system. The community has about 200,000 registered members in 40 different languages, forcing you to think of Joomla being a global content management alternative.

With some languages, you may find the need of text translation. For example, text translation may be a need with languages like Hebrew and Arabic. Visit some 3rd party community portals, and you will be sure to get bi-directional text help for these languages. With Joomla, you can also find a whole host of freelance programmers, who will offer their services to integrate content to the Internet.

Bottom-line, in terms of its use and effectiveness in the use, Joomla is mighty popular. You certainly have a chance to contribute to the popularity of this content management system, which has made waves on the Internet, and will continue to do so.


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