Joomla Extensions – the Lifeline of Joomla!

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When it was first launched in 2005, not many people including the developers of this system knew about the Extensions feature of Joomla. It was only with time that developers of this system realized how flexible this system could get, and that prompted them to think of the lines of developing more plugins for the system.

And as on date, it must be said that the developers have worked really hard to come up with as many as 3500 extensions for use by the public. 3500 extensions – Seems like an awful lot, and one of the most impressive things about this system here is that – Each of the extension does something unique.

Plugins form the lifeline of Joomla and their use as a content management system. You will find Joomla plugins being spoken about highly in a lot of technical forums. Importantly though, you will also be able to find some comprehensive extensions that take the use of Joomla far wider than you would have expected.

Joomla, for the records, works slightly differently than releases of other software applications. For starters, you will find that every new release of an application brings with it a new feature or an extension to the previous software application. But with Joomla, you will be surprised to find the opposite happening. Joomla 1.0.0, which was the first version released for public use, has a lot more extensions than Joomla 1.5, which is the latest released Joomla version.

It seems clear that the longer a Joomla application lasts, the more extensions it gets from the developers as well as people contributing to the development of the system. With that logic, it seems quite apparent that Joomla 1.0.0 is poised to get a lion share of the extensions. But the latest version of Joomla is also a slick version of the software application, which does have a lot of built-in features for people.

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