Joomla Money Tips – Using Joomla to Build a Business Online

By Jon Mills

For those not familiar with Joomla, it's an open source content management system that allows you to build websites. It doesn't cost you anything to use it and you can build a simple website all the way through to a very large robust community or e-commerce site.

It has a vast amount of templates which you can install within seconds and take it from its default appearance to a professional looking site.

I've been asked several times about whether or not a person can make money from Joomla sites and the answer is yes.

In fact I'm going to share with you 3 ways right now that you can use to start earning a part time or full time income from home using Joomla CMS

1. Build a website using Joomla and integrate affiliate programs and CPA offers within your content

2. Create you own Joomla extension and sell it privately on your site, while exposing it for free to thousands of Joomla users through Joomlas extensions directory

3. Create your own Joomla themes and develop a membership site where people pay you a set amount for either individual themes, monthly or yearly access to a members area where they get themes each month.

Affiliate programs, contextual advertising and CPA offers are perfect for any site on any topic as there are hundreds of companies willing to pay you a commission each time someone comes from your website to theirs. It's called performance marketing.

Extensions are huge and provide Joomla users with a massive variety of additional features and options which they can add to their website. I can't count the times I have needed my site to do something and have searched for an extension only to find several that were being sold. I gladly paid to have them.

Now your probably thinking that you can't make an extension and you may be correct but you don't have too. There are many coders online that will do it for you. All you have to do is come up with the idea and then post it as a free project on an outsource service like integritylance and you will get numerous bids by providers who will want to do it for you. After they finish you can turn around and sell it.

Joomla themes are huge online. You can find free ones but all the professional looking themes are usually ones you have to pay for. I myself pay one company, once a year to be part of their members site and I can tell you there are hundreds of people who are signed up as members on those sites.

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Jon Mills

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