Joomla- What is It?

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Joomla is a Content Management Software (CMS) which came into existence as a result of a fork of Mambo; a free software/open source software. It was developed on August 17, 2005 by the development team of Mambo.

Joomla is an amazing CMS for any website. You may wonder if you can set up a professional website without outsourcing it to a professional. The answer is yes, you absolutely can create your own professional website with the help of Joomla.

You can create any type of website using Joomla. The content of your website can be anything from simple text, images, music, videos, documents or anything that you which to include. Joomla is an excellent CMS that requires absolutely no technical skills. Joomla will take care of managing your content so you really don’t have to do anything.

Types of website that Joomla can create:

· Corporate websites or portals

· Online reservation websites

· E-commerce

· School and church websites

· Government applications

· Websites for small businesses

· Personal homepages

· Portals for community

· Websites for non-profit organizations

So you see how diversified Joomla is? This CMS can do just about anything! It offers a lot of flexibility so you can create any type of website using this CMS. So you can create a small time websites like family homepages to large community portals with games, forums, blogs and profiles like a professional!

Joomla is widely accepted by the online industry today because of the convenience and comprehensible nature of the software. Moreover this application is easily accessible. Also it is one of the free open resource content management systems making it the even more user friendly.

Joomla can be a bit vast to grasp for new users but there are online video resources that makes learning Joomla much easier and effective for the first time users.

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