Knocking on Google’s Door? Twitter Incorporates Search

By Jeffrey Smith

Google beware? Twitter has just announced that it is incorporating search functionality into its site. This means you can now easily acquire popular trend data for keywords and look deeper into what people are talking about in real time.

So what is the significance of this? That of course is still up to debate. Some people think that Twitter is on the heels of Google already and others say that Twitter is no search engine at all.

Both sides of the argument have good points. Still, there’s no denying that Twitter is a race horse with a great future, especially with this new function. Twitter is getting huge and recently turned down an offer from Facebook for $500 million. And with its business model of Q & A features and search ads, you can see why. Not to mention the fact that Facebook is trying to keep pace by adding various Twitter like functions…

Some people can’t see much value in Twitter calling it just another social media site for friends to chat with each other. What people don’t recognize is the fact that Twitter is an extremely large pool of information based on our personal lives- which is invaluable to the marketer.

Despite the increasing value that Twitter leverages, it is still a new born compared to Google and may require a decade before being able to develop the technology and accuracy of Google’s search results. Still it has all the right stuff to get there eventually. Google’s market share is safe…at least for now anyhow.

Consider that Twitter communications are a true representation of the masses’ opinions. People can log on and get answers they can trust because they have their own network of people who they’ve already established relationships with. Google gives great results, but they are impersonal and often inaccurate. With people’s online lives enveloping more and more of their time, the personal touch works wonders. Corporate media and celebrity spokespeople only go so far.

In addition to that, information gathered on Twitter is more relevant to one’s location. With the personal profiles, and the ability to send messages from mobile devices, (enter GPS technology) Twitter can leverage this value and exploit what it can do and Google can’t.

Twitter is quickly proving it is the future of search. Its power lies in the fact that it enables people to get the opinions of others in regards to relevant current information. When searching, people want real opinions as well as the facts.

For example imagine typing something into Google and seeing all of the results pop up…They are put there from the businesses and individuals who want you to believe certain things about their product or service. Well, what if in addition to that, it had thousands of third party opinions that have no vested interest in those products or services? And imagine if all those opinions are from people you know? This is the dynamic that Twitter leverages, and if it plays it’s cards right, it will be siphoning off Google clicks in a few short years.

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