Last week of November a Very Wet Hiking Day

Being the last week of November and having pushed our luck to date I guess it was about time to have one very wet hike. It rained the whole time we where hiking and to top it off the GPS on my phone decided not to work too well for some reason the program not working correctly (could be because I was trying to make the iPhone do 2 things at once and often it won’t do that) that’s a tale for another time.

As I said this was a wet hike and we made it about 3 quarters of the way to Leechtown this time so about a 12k hike. Being so wet I hardly pulled out the camera since my digital camera does not handle direct rain very well I just took a couple of pictures of the river which was running real high and fierce.

I did add an extra kilo or so to my pack for this trip bringing the total up to about 5 kilos now for my pack. I did notice we got much further along the trail before I began to have knee pain so the muscles are building. The last time out was similar to this one in that about 3 quarters of the way into the hike was when the knee started to hurt. Although from last time it was only a couple of days before it was feeling better not several.

If you’re looking for a place to get your training done for hiking the Galloping Goose is not only a great trail to do it on but it is also very picturesque. Enjoy the pictures from the weeks outing.