Learn How I Made $8,198 In 30 Using The Internet

Author: Mason Rudolph

You have heard of Internet Marketing but do no have a clue where to commence.

Do not feel discourage because every day there are more than 200,000 folks just like you joining the Internet.

Today my advice for Internet marketers are on “what not to do”.

Do Not go off and jump into the deep end of the pool.

Primarily Learn to swim.

As a Internet Marketer beginner you'll need to learn all of the aspects of it. There are many easy ways to begin with Internet Marketing and you will be seeing hundreds if not thousands of “the Best Way Offers.”

But what you should be thinking about is does this
“Does this fit my personality?”

“Does this meet my goals?”

“Will you consistent hard work do?

If you are a beginner to Internet Marketing I suggest you stick with opportunities that do not involve website and product creation.

I must to tell you I did this but if I had to do it again I would not.

When you create a website first as a newbie it will change many times because it will go through a learning process with you.

This will only do one thing, “lead you to quiting”.

For the first year your going to be learning a lot and I suggest that you use your time learning the ins and outs.

First I do not suggest you should do nothing throughout that time so here are my suggestions on how to open your Internet Marketing journey.

Start by learning about Article Marketing. Write Articles and publish them online. This will give you credibility before you make your big Internet Marketing debut, now you'll have content online when someone looks up your name.

Second step is to use a tool named Squidoo.Com. This is a very easy to create web page that you can make on any topic and its free.

Free is a good thing, right?

Take advantage of squidoo to find you next business model. Often when we are new, we are not certain what topic we plan to pursue. By creating Squidoo pages on different topics you can find out what interests you enough to really pursue it and it shows you where the traffics interest is. Let the Cream rise to the Top.

It is super easy to add affiliate products to a squidoo page, which means you can be learning and earning. Also if you follow the principal of “Article Marketing + Squidoo” you will be establishing your online presence.

Just remember if your going to make impact and MAKE MONEY FAST! You should look into opportunites that you can “plug into right away!”

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