Leechtown and beyond, Last hike of 2009

Sunrise in the Sooke Hills

Sunrise in the Sooke Hills

Well now that all the past blog updates are done for our journey to being able to carry everything we need for lightweight camping it’s time to sum up our hikes. We finished up the year with one final hike today, it was a great hike although the coldest yet it seemed.

We made some excellent time up to Leechtown making the 8k hike in only 90min (must have been the cold spurred us to warm up), although it did take 2.5 hrs to get back. Not too many pictures today just a couple a great sunrise pictures on the hillside and some interesting frost on the ground.

We did over 16k today although the map shows that we teleported for about 5k. Seems I had paused the GPS program when we stopped in Leechtown for a midmorning snack and forgot to restart it. You can see the map of this hike here http://runkeeper.com/pub/act/zGEYR3CfperIRz4nUI0v/map as you can see we made it to Leechtown and then we suddenly appear 5k back down the trail.

We did actually go about 500m past Leechtown this time just so we can start to get the lay of the land and start to explore the Kapoor park and check things out.

This was a pretty brutal hike not real sure why it may have been the fast pace up there of the fact that I had upped the weight in my pack to 10 kilos plus an additional kilo since I had to carry all the water today. For the last 2k back I was using my walking staff as a cane to help me along. Although as I am entering this my knee is feeling pretty good and bouncing back quickly, it could possibly be related to this great supplement that I am taking not real sure yet but am monitoring to see.

Now that we are on a regular schedule for our hikes I think we might make our goal of doing a 2 day overnighter sometime in March of 2010. In which we will hike out into the hills and spend the night do some sightseeing maybe even a little gold panning in the open areas that are available and head back. I do look forward to not having pain at the end of a hike and just feeling good about the hike.

I do think for the next couple of hikes I will keep my pack at its current weight and simply work on my endurance since my shoulders where feeling it today. Here is some information about the Kapoor Regional Park that might interest you http://www.crd.bc.ca/parks/reserves/kapoor.htm it does give a bit more information about the park.