Leechtown or bust, cold but successful

Well we finally made it to Leechtown on this hike and have the GPS map to prove it http://runkeeper.com/pub/act/pbhUqqdNkBKSAG2D3jIO/map this was a great hike. Very cold temp was hovering around 0deg the whole hike I do believe. I have added a couple kilos to my pack bringing it up to about 7 or 8 kilos now, almost halfway to my goal of 20 kilos. As you can see from the map this was just over 15k so we will be true guys and say we did 16 since you always want to round up (you know keep that manly thing) I mean after all the GPS has been wrong before.

2nd Creek of ice feeding the Sooke River

2nd Creek of ice feeding the Sooke River

This was a great hike saw some interesting things along the way took some great shots of Ice Rivers flowing down the hillside and some pretty interesting icicle formations, including some strange plantcicles.

I hadn’t been as far up to Leechtown in about 6 or 7 years now and it sure has changed, it is now a park as shown in one of the pictures below called Kapoor Regional Park operated by the CRD. This is pretty excellent thing to find out because this means that at least that section of land is protected and should stay a park indefinitely.

So now that we have made it to Leechtown now what? Well it is time to build up our strength some more, I did notice that my knee which has bothered me on at least the last 3 hikes out, was hurting again but again we added more distance to our hike and I added more weight to my pack so it was not unexpected that it hurt. The last hike again only took a couple days to feel better so its healing pretty fast which is a good thing.

Now about this time I have added a vitamin supplement to my diet if it works out I will talk more about it as I see how it does for my hikes. Hopefully by adding this it will help me to heal up faster and be able to increase my distance and weight carried.

By now a few of you have been reading these posts please leave me a comment or two about what you think of the pictures, the trail or anything you may know about Leechtown and the Galloping Goose Trail.

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