LinkedIn Integration, Event Organizers, Widget Control, Speed enhancement plugins, Custom Welcome Screens

WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 122

It’s episode #122 and we’ve got plugins for LinkedIn Integration, Event Organizers, Widget Control, Speed enhancement plugins, Custom Welcome Screens and an amazing custom Shortcode plugin that may become your standard install. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z.


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**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**

 Widget Context 0.8.1

The Lowdown:

Looking for another way to display widgets on a per post/page basis to be able to hide widgets. Well this one does the trick quite nicely. Now I normally use Dynamic widgets for this task but I ran into a conflict with another plugin on this website development and as Dynamic widgets was the new kid here and I needed the other plugin I opted to find a new route to solve my issue. This plugin does a great job of insuring that you only show widgets on particular pages and it is actually a bit easier to use than Dynamic widgets. When you expand a widget bock it add checkboxes to decide when and where to show it if you want something other than default show all. It was quick simple and did not conflict.

Rating 4 Dragons


Event Organiser 2.0.2

The Lowdown:

Went looking once again for an events calendar that was simple easy and hopefuly with a bonus of expandability. Well this one fit the bill a pretty simple events calendar that has short code and widgets along with the ability to expand in the future with some premium features such as bookings for venues and classes. It has a great built in venue manager and pretty good looking calendars. Using custom posts types it has pretty good listings that are easy to read a full calendar view to make finding what you have easier, categories, tags and built in Google maps. I found this pretty easy to use and setup and with the modules available I think it will grow great with my client when they are ready for the next steps.

Rating 4 Dragons


MnCombine 1.0.3

The Lowdown:

Speed Speed Speed.. well everyone is looking for better ways to improve loading times and one of the things you see regularly is to minify your java and css but there really has not been an easy way to do this at least until now. This plugin finds all your java and css and combines them into single files for consumption by browsers. After the first couple call when it was making the initial cache files it was a bit slow but speed quickly picked up on my test site.. Since this is a new plugin I would suggest give it a good test run on your dev site which matches your live site.. (You do have one right) once you're happy there then use on live site.. I have not yet had time to test on live site but will try in in a new site I am developing and will report back on it.. But in the meantime check it out a brand new plugin downloaded only 25 times as of this episode it may just be the ticket to help you speed up.

Rating 4 Dragons



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**


My Shortcodes

Requires: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.5.1

Last Updated: 2013-5-24

Downloads: 5,568

Allows you to add custom code as a shortcode to be used within your pages or posts

Build custom shortcode elements or download and install shortcodes made by other My Shortcodes users.

Highly flexible shortcode builder environment. dedicated areas for template view, javascript input, custom PHP library, external/CDN css and javascript sources. This enables you to render the page or posts with the requires scripts and styles to be placed where it belongs. not all in the shortcode replace area.

Rating: 5 out of 5


LinkedIn Master

Requires: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.5.1

Last Updated: 2013-5-27

Downloads: 114

LinkedIn Master allows you to integrate your personal or company linkedin page into your wordpress.

You can display your personal linked-in profile, your company linkedin profile or both at the same time maximizing and expanding your connections. Integrates flawless in any widget template position so it always looks good and you can display it anywhere inside your wordpress pages and posts.

In case you want to display both profiles, personal and company linked in profiles, we added the option of displaying them horizontally or vertically. If you are looking for a way to just display just the LinkedIn share button, then we recommend you the Social Master extension.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Customize Welcome Panel

Requires: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.6

Last Updated: 2013-5-28

Downloads: 20

This plugin allows you to change the entire welcome panel on the dashboard using WordPress WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE. Add images, videos and links or a welcome note.

This is ideal for setting up your own “Getting Started” or “Welcome to the site” video. Things like this really set you apart from other developers from a visual and aesthetic standpoint.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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