It's episode 141 and we've got plugins for Multiple store locations, HTML5 charts, a Java Toolbox, Contact plugins, WordPress rants and more. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Multiple Store Locations, HTML5 Charts, Java Toolbox, Contact Plugins, WordPress Rant

WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 141

It's episode 141 and we've got plugins for Multiple store locations, HTML5 charts, a Java Toolbox, Contact plugins, WordPress rants and more. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

It's episode 141 and we've got plugins for Multiple store locations, HTML5 charts, a Java Toolbox, Contact plugins, WordPress rants and more. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**



CSS-JS Toolbox

The Lowdown:

This is a premium plugin.. With this plugin you can add some really great speciality scripts to your site simply and easily without much effort you can checkout some prepprepared scripts here such as Black and White Effect on Images, Alert Popup, Table Sorter,  SergeLand Image Zoomer v3.0, Date Picker Calendar Widget and Random Quotes. You can assign and run the code block by simply checking boxes and determining which pages/posts, categories, custom post types and more to run the code on. You get a editor area to edit and control your code.

If you like playing with your code and wanting to do some easy tweaks and fine tune functionality this would be great plugin for you.. Since you can not only add the predefined packages but also use it to add your own blocks of code and assign them to a page/post this would be a great plugin for you. I think for a developer adding specialty functionality this is a great feature have a good look at it.

Rating 4 Dragons.



Contact Details 1.2.1

The Lowdown:

A simple way for you to add that all important contact info to your website. To me the most important part of any website is the contact info.. If that is incomplete I will often simply leave a site since if they make it hard to be able to contact them what else might they be hiding about their business.

This simply add an area that allows you to enter all contact info and then display it anywhere you want with a simple shortcode.. Now while I think this is great i did find a major flaw and that is there is no one overall shortcode to display all info only a short code for each item. So what I thought at first would be a time saver turned into a minor time waster since your have to enter each short code for each item.. While on one hand this is smart to allow you to break up your info it would be nice to be able to add one code to rule them all.

Rating 3 Dragons



5 Vote Free Photos 1.0.1

The Lowdown:

Everyone like FREE well from time to time I'll do my best to find just such a thing. This plugin pulls in groups of images from to display on your sit and add all the approiate code for refrence to them. while it is simply a great way to add images you do have limited control you can only hide social sharing and embed code and limit number of images displayed. You only get to choose from their pre selected categories though but it is a great way to add additional images but you do not select which ones.

Rating 2 Dragons (due to all limitations)



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**

Store Locator Plus

Requires: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.6.1

Last Updated: 2013-10-10

Downloads: 85,071

Version 4 Major Upgrade

Version 4 is the first major upgrade in a couple of years. This upgrade provides new features that make it far easier to create a truly custom user exprience without having to leave the WordPress admin panel. You can learn more about the new release at the Charleston Software Associates website.

Store Locator Plus is an advanced system for managing multiple physical locations via a fully integrated WordPress solution. Whether you have ten locations or ten-thousand, you manage them with ease right from within your WordPress admin panel. There is no special programming or extra setup required. Simply enter your locations, create a page or edit an existing page and put the [STORE-LOCATOR] short code on it. The Store Locator Plus search form and map will “magically” appear.

The base plugin, available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory has all the features you need to create a comprehensive store locator interface on your website. Set up an interactive Google map for your customers with a single shortcode.

Advanced customization is available via the settings interface in the admin panel. Set the map size to best fit your site. Change map types (terrain, satellite, standard views). Add details like a store description, hours, a website address, an email address. Re-label entry fields and results fields.

Rating: 5 out of 5



WordPress Charts

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.5.2

Last Updated: 2013-5-1

Downloads: 3,709

Create amazing HTML5 charts easily in WordPress. A flexible and lightweight WordPress chart plugin including 6 customizable chart types (line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types) as well as a fallback to provide support for older IE.

Incorporates the fantastic chart.js script : created by Nivk Downie.

6 Chart types

Visualise your data in different ways. Each of them animated, fully customisable and look great, even on retina displays.

HTML5 Based

Chart.js uses the HTML5 canvas element. It supports all modern browsers, and polyfills provide support for IE7/8.

Simple and Flexible

Chart.js is dependency free, lightweight (4.5k when minified and gzipped) and offers loads of customisation options.

Rating: 5 out of 5




Disable Plugin Updates

Requires: 2.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.6.2

Last Updated: 2013-10-8

Downloads: 40

A simple WP plugin that disables all your updates. Use with caution!!

Rating: 4 out of 5


**Rambling Last Words and Plugin Wrapup

John: CSS-JS Toolbox – 4, Contact Details – 3,, 5 Vote Free Photos – 2

Marcus: Store Locator Plus – 5, WP Charts – 5, Disable Plugin Updates – 4



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