Optimize Website for Bing

By: Tejveer

Every search engine has different algorithms to produce results against search queries. Some search engines give more weight to back links than content and other act differently. With the introduction of Bing, most of search results has been changed (previously MSN search) not those day are past when you need to submit your website to search engine or get back links from other websites to get indexed in search engines.

Those websites which were getting good amount of traffic from MSN search engines they are very much cautious about how to get their website top in Bing. Here are some SEO tips for Bing, which will help marketers to get noticed on Bing.

Make the title relevant to the subject of webpage and place the targeted keywords at beginning of title.

Along with back links you should also thing about linking out to relevant sources of information, Bing favors websites that link out too.

More keyword rich content will fancy your website chances to rank high, try to add more and more text. In Google, the amount of text on the page usually is not usually a huge factor. However, Bing really likes pages with at least three hundred words of text.

It was a time when new websites start appearing in search engines by putting keyword rich content, now search engines especially Bing like aged domains. For marketers, this means that you may look to purchase older domains if you want to get on good position in Bing.

Website coding is another big factor in Bing ranking, thus try to use neat and clean codes in your web pages. You should always ensure to close all the paired tags and should see that all links open the correct webpage. If your website contains broken link then BingBot might not be able to index your website effectively, thereby preventing people from reaching all of your web pages. Submit your website in Google webmaster tool for diagnosing any crawling issue. Also try to validate your website according to W3C validation rules.

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