It's Episode 523 - We have plugins for Woocommerce Rewards, Creating Notes, Stop Fullscreen, Plugins checks, Moderate comments, Sales Funnels ... and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Paving The Wilderness of WordPress Plugins

It's Episode 523 – We have plugins for WooCommerce Rewards, Creating Notes, Stop Fullscreen, Plugins Checks, Moderate Comments, Sales Funnels … and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce, Funnel Builder by CartFlows – Create High Converting Sales Funnels For WordPress, Disable WordPress Block Editor Fullscreen Mode, Vendi Abandoned Plugin Check, Comment Moderation Role, Slippy ……. and ClassicPress options on Episode 521.

John's Intro:

The new magik number is 66, July 1 is the new majik day. Trust the plan.

With great appreciation for the No Agenda Show for their inspiration of ideas and the occasional stolen sound clip.

This is a value for value show and I look forward to everyone providing some value back.

Before I get started, you will want to hang around to the end of the show for our Q & A segment with Amber…. and to those listening on the podcast, you may want to check out the YouTube version which has some great discussions before the show starts…

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Ambers' Rant:

This is #30 of 52 episodes for 2021. Its Episode 523! We are getting up there for the episodes this year! Hopefully everyone is still enjoying our weekly rantings on plugins and news. I try and bring some interesting stuff as well as helpful stuff, if anyone out there would be willing to offer up some feedback I would greatly appreciate it! I would love to hear about where you get your tech news from, and if you like to hear it on here shoot me a link!

Away from tech though, remember to get out there and enjoy some of this sunshine while it lasts! I know here on the Island we tend to start getting rain about September, and it keeps going until around June. Sometimes until the start of June, sometimes until the end of June. So be sure to get out there and soak in that sunshine while it lasts! And while you're at it, turn off that media, whether it be social or professional for an hour or so. Try to just experience the moment as it happens; see if maybe you can spot any dragonflies or bumblebees or something! Doing this about once a week will totally help the brain-meats feel better capable of dealing with the day to day.

Rinse and repeat as often as needed.


We have some news from the world of WordPress for you today as well as some great plugins.

News this week:

Sent in by a listener
Ransomware: These are the two most common ways hackers get inside your network –

Full page patterns are still missing from Word Press theme development – Word Press is working hard to incorporate everything they can into their theme development in the form of blocks – and full page patterns (rather than the label template) are in the works and there are basic versions of Page Patterns already in block form.

Tips Tuesday with MayAnna – This week includes SEO testing and agency bot crawls, similarities between cPanel and Interworx, FLoC Testing phase 1 completed, and more!

Google Lighthouse – Now introducing the ability to run this directly from SmarCrawl's dashboard! There is a great beginners guide if this is the first you are hearing of this in this link, and a great explanation on why this is big news for Google.

Elementor 3.3 is out! – And they are introducing Full Website Kits, Kits Library, Colour Sampler, and Radical Performance Improvements. There are a few other things tucked away in this newest release that are exciting as well – like the ability to only load what you actually use! Pretty nifty!

DuckDuckGo readies feature to strip trackers from email – This seems like an intriguing idea – you create an email, and emails are sent to that, where they are stripped of trackers, then forwarded onto your regular email. Neat!

The extras – for even more extra news, check out our Facebook, or Twitter page!

This is the extra news stuff that someone out there might find interesting. To read more, you can head on over to the show notes or newsletter and check it out! If you find something to add for next show, send me a link at

US, NATO accuses China of massive Microsoft Hack – A bit of a change from accusing Russia, but it seems to be a similar kind of accusation. We shall see where this one goes….

SolarWinds Hackers still targeting Microsoft, focus on support staff – This kind of hack is rather common as far as I am aware; attack the little guys, get into the system through them and slowly worm your way deeper into the system until you can do some damage. I almost feel bad for Microsoft, they seem to be being attacked from multiple directions these days….

Termly Acquires GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent Banner, Turns Free Plugin Into a Commercial SaaS Product – The pattern continues! And now people are noticing and making a point to make an issue about this. If anyone out there is dealing with the recent acquisition of this cookie consent banner, my condolences.

Wordcamp USA will be held on Oct. 21, pending decision on in person meet-ups – Once they have made a final decision we the mass will know whether or not this will be an in person or an online.

Most hated programming languages around – Or so these guys say. In order from the most hated and below they list: COBOL, VBA, Matlab, Objective-C, and Groovy. Honestly, I don't think I've even heard of these before… but I'm not a coder. I would love to hear some feedback from any coder's out there – what do you think?

New volume record for ransomware attempts in the first half of 2021 – This is attempted ransomware volume record, not actual successful attacks, but it is still a little unnerving to see. There have been more than 300 million for the first half of 2021.

Amazon fined $887 million for GDPR Privacy Violations – This is an interesting read. it's not often the giants get fined an amount that actually has an effect upon them, nor is it often that the giant does something – at least it seems like they have done something here….

The hall of shame via Automattic:

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Off we go into the meat and potatoes, Into the depths of plugin depravity…..

ClassicPress Options

ClassicPress is growing really well, but I just don't have the time to add reviews on ClassicPress myself. I am always open to reviews sent in by listeners; though unless there is a review sent into me on ClassicPress, I am not going to do more than mention that ClassicPress is a thing, and here are some resources. I hope some listeners out there find this information useful!

One thing I am looking forward to in the ClassicPress World is the expansion of the number of ClassicPress specific plugins and their own repository. There are a few plugins specifically for ClassicPress and all plugins for WordPress 4.9.9 work well on it. I do believe it has a future, I just have not time to help them in getting it out there.

ClassicPress News:

A post from a new ClassicPress user who migrated from WordPress 5.7 to 5.8 and then to ClassicPress
A users personal experience of going through the migration, an interesting read.

The First Release Candidate for ClassicPress 1.3.0 is available!
For more information about what's included, and how to help, checkout…/classicpress-1-3…/3356
Happy Testing!

For some up to date news on ClassicPress check out the ClassicPress Blog.

ClassicPress Resources:

“Must Have” Plugins List

It seems ClassicPress now has it own repository you can check it here they now have 72 plugins available.

CodePotent's plugin directory

WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for some great newly released plugins check this link

John's Plugin

Disable WordPress Block Editor Fullscreen Mode

Requires:5.3 or higher
Compatible up to:5.9.9
Released:12 May 2020
Last Updated:16 February 2022
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This one has been covered before, but I thought it should be brought back as it does not yet have enough installations. This is a great plugin to make using the latest versions of WordPress easier – unless of course you like the full screen mode of editing. I personally find it distracting. This is a simple plugin, just install and activate and the full screen mode is gone.

On another note it seems the search in WordPress wants to hide this plugin a bit, because even when you use the exact title to searching it does not appear at the top of the list.

Rating 5 Dragons


Amber's Plugin


Requires:4.6 or higher
Compatible up to:5.5.14
Released:22 April 2020
Last Updated:02 October 2020
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

Admittedly I was searching for a different plugin, but this caught my eye because of the name.

This is designed to have the ability to take notes within WordPress in the style of Slipbox or Zettelkasten. I honestly don't know what either of those are, but I am sure someone out there uses these and wishes they could do the same thing within WordPress – and now you can!!

Once you install it, it's quite the nice set-up! Just go to ‘Slip Notes' on the left hand menu, and add a note! It looks just like a typical WordPress layout kind of page for the note area. You can change the view from default to full, create categories, tags, and filters.

If you are looking for an easy to use Note Taker for WordPress, look no further!

Bonus, it's totally free!

Rating 5 Dragons


John's plugin

Funnel Builder by CartFlows – Create High Converting Sales Funnels For WordPress

Requires:5.8 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:30 November 2018
Last Updated:16 May 2024
(4.8 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

If you have an e-commerce store and are looking to improve sales you will want to look at using funnels. This plugin is one that can help you begin to get your funnels built up and start making more sales. This plugin comes with a lot of great stuff in its free version to get you started on making great sales funnels. With the free version you can build up to 3 funnels and if you need more you can always go pro.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's plugin

Comment Moderation Role

Requires:5.1 or higher
Compatible up to:6.0.8
Released:14 July 2021
Last Updated:02 August 2022
(3.7 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

SUPER easy plugin to use, fantastic for those who are just getting the hang of all this! You plug it in, head on over to the ‘Users' menu option, select your user, and change their ‘Role' to ‘WPB Comment Moderator'. Unlike other Comment Moderator plugins, this one does not require you to have ‘Edit' within the list of capabilities, thus securing the rest of your site.

Once the user logs in, they should only be able to access the comments so as to moderate them.

There are filters available, and WPBeginner puts out the most common ones right there on the page on the info page.

Nothing to set up, nothing to do really except choose the correct ‘Role' for your user! And it seems that it is totally free, with no adverts – at least I didn't see any.

Worth checking out if this is something you are in the market for!

Rating 5 Dragons


John's plugin

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Requires:5.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:22 November 2019
Last Updated:12 June 2024
(4.5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

Looking for a way to gamify your e-commerce store by offering points and rewards for your users and customers? This may be a great plugin for you! It's a freemium plugin that lets you get started with a points system using the free version of the plugin.

You can offer points on signups, referrals, and sales that your clients can then use on check-out for special deals and discounts.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's plugin

Vendi Abandoned Plugin Check

Requires:6.3 or higher
Compatible up to:6.4.4
Released:30 October 2014
Last Updated:19 February 2024
(4.1 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This is a neat idea for a plugin, I think our regular listener Hemdian might have mentioned this during one of our shows. If not him then another listener.

What this plugin does: it reaches out to the servers as a background task to figure out the last time the SVN was updated. There is NO interface, nothing to set up, just plug it in and let her rip! One downside though – it counts in days. This can make 2 months seem like a much bigger deal since you read it as 60 days…

Once I plugged this in, within a few minutes I had ‘Christmas Tree' writing all down my plugins page!!

Red = BAD, as it has been a VERY long time since the plugin's SVN was updated by the author.

Green = ACCEPTABLE. Seems to stay green so long as the author has updated within the last… 400? days.

I was still in the green on a plugin with 348 days since last update, but I was in the red with 460 days. So… somewhere between those two numbers appears to be the cut off.

Very useful for those that like to know when a plugin was last updated via author, and I think it could possibly be a great yellow canary kinda thing regarding removal of a plugin – but be aware that age does not always mean the plugin is no good. I've learned that old code will still work just fine if it was done well in the first place.

Rating 5 Dragons


Random links for plugins

WordPress plugins crafted from love and experience


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The plugins we covered were:

John’s Plugins: Points and Rewards for WooCommerce – 4, Funnel Builder by CartFlows – Create High Converting Sales Funnels For WordPress – 4, Disable WordPress Block Editor Fullscreen Mode – 5

Amber's Plugins: Slippy – 5, Comment Moderation Role – 5, Vendi Abandoned Plugin Check -5

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