Put Some SocialOomph Into Your Tweets

By Allen Taylor

TweetLater, over the weekend, changed its name. They are now going by SocialOomph. You can read the official announcement on their blog.

I’ve been using Tweetater – uhm, SocialOomph – now for over six months and I’ve got to say, it’s a great service. I like the fact that I can preschedule tweets for my Twitter account and schedule them to run on a particular time schedule. I also like the fact that I can run multiple accounts through the service.

But the reason they’ve changed their name is still a bit of a mystery, albeit an exciting one. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what other services SocialOomph comes up with next. Here’s what they say on their blog:

To date we have been focusing on providing productivity solutions for Twitter users. We decided to change our name to allow for future expansion into other social media solutions, and to ensure that our brand does not conflict with any current or future legal rights of the Twitter organization.

In other words, this seems like a CYA move, but it also implies a bit of an opportunity move. I’m anxious to see what this “future expansion” is that is mentioned. Will SocialOomph offer services to make managing Facebook and/or LinkedIn easier for businesses? How about YouTube and MySpace? The implication seems to be that SocialOomph will become a third-party social profile management service. I like that.

Meanwhile, today, the management features it offers for Twitterers are awesome. Currently, you can perform the following functions through SocialOomph:

  • Schedule tweets in advance
  • Pre-program and automatically send direct messages
  • Track important keywords as they are tweeted
  • Create draft messages that you can re-use
  • Track your clicks through Bit.ly URL shortening service
  • Automate your follow/unfollow habits
  • Vet your followers so you can follow only those people you want to follow
  • Run an unlimited numer of Twitter accounts
  • Purge your DM inbox to delete unwanted messages
  • View @Mentions and Retweets for all of your accounts
  • Publish a personal tweet stream as an RSS feed or in XML or Javascript
  • Delegate your account to someone else to manage

I think you’ll agree, that’s a lot of features, and MOST OF THEM ARE FREE!

Yes, I said most of them. You see, SocialOomph has a free service and a paid professional service. In order to delegate your account to another party, you have to purchase the professional version, but it’s very affordable. I highly recommend SocialOomph if you are a Twitterer and want an easy-to-use application to manage your Twitter accounts.

I encourage you to check out SocialOomph for yourself. If you are a blogging customer of ours we’ll manage your SocialOomph account for you for $100/month and incorporate it with your blog. If you are not a blogging customer of ours, we’ll still manage your account for $150 per month. Just give me a call at 717-528-4005.

Get your SocialOomph account right now.

Allen Taylor manages blogs for a list of clients in a variety of industries and niches. He writes Taylor’s Internet Marketing Blog and owns several websites in more than one niche. He is a full-time marketer and ghostwriter. 717-528-4005.
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