Random Thought

Ok it is time for a random thought, well if one shows I'll put it here. OK really here it is the thought is that one should never start playing online games, they are very addicting. I made the mistake recently of starting to play world of warcraft online. This game is one of the greatest escapes from life there is. The biggest fear is that it can become all consuming. One has to use care to keep from spending 8 to 12 hours online which is actually possible. I have done it granted I was on vacation and had nothing else to do but that sort of thing can follow you if you?re not careful. This is also a test of self control in having the ability to get work done when it is actually possible to go play the game since all work is done from a computer online. Anyway I thought a good screen shot was needed to close this out.<%image(20090325-WoWScrnShot_031409_212600.jpg|400|300|Ride the wind.)%>