Say Goodbye To Google

Author: Sean Templeton
If you are a ClickBank affiliate take a look at this free ebook. It's packed with great traffic generation strategies so there's an eager audience waiting for it and you can profit from a ‘SuperLink' which will earn you commission effortlessly on ClickBank products as you distribute the book.

Oh, one more thing. It's written by THE ClickBank Guru, Harvey Segal, owner of the ClickBank Guide site, the ClickBank Success forum and author of best selling ebooks about ClickBank.

This book was quite fascinating and the best part was that I learned some valuable information about ClickBank and Internet Marketing and the eBook was free, yes you heard me right it was free.

If the success or failure of your online business depends precariously on the whims of the search engines take a tip from Harvey's book The Ultimate SuperTip.

Forget about them !

Focus instead on traffic generation strategies which will never let you down – his free book shows you exactly what these are.

Take 3 separate ways to bring traffic to your site – using affiliates, distributing articles and creating ebooks.

There's a way to link all these together to produce a rapid multiplying effect which will increase your traffic by an exponential factor.

You can have this book for free – you don't even have to give Harvey your email address – and then immediately give it away to your friends, subscribers, website visitors, maiden aunts, long-lost cousins, and the really clever neat tricks that Harvey has built into it will start to make you money right away.

But all that is the icing on the cake – download the book, READ it from cover to cover, and learn one of the most powerful secrets of Internet marketing at the feet of the master.

And if you suspect I might be guilty of over-hyping (I'm not), read it anyway and tell me what you think.

Do it right now before you forget – this could be the most important lesson you'll learn today.

The book is not just free; it’s a good read on the subject of viral products. But it’s the details of his viral plan I found fascinating. The eBook describes how to make money with viral eBooks; in fact, the eBook itself is an example of that viral plan, while also explaining the viral plan, while BEING the viral plan, and so on and on, like some sort of Escher painting…

But to cut to the chase:

  • The book is a great introduction to viral eBooks in general.
  • The scheme he talks about in there is powerful – so powerful, I was sending off my payment as I was finishing the eBook.
  • It also includes a discount at the end for all the goodies inside � so good I bought them right away
  • Affiliates get 100% of the sales of those goodies (which are well worth while in themselves).
  • In this short (37 page) – and free – ebook Harvey has managed to include one unique idea after another on a wide variety of topics starting with his controversial stance on search engines.

He also talks about:

– Getting traffic to your site

– Preselling with free ebooks

– Preselling with articles

– Autoresponders and follow up campaigns

– Ad tracking

– Affiliate marketing

– ClickBank

– Viral marketing

– PDF book creation

– Ebook rebranding

– Creating niche sites

– Resale rights

He even throws in an amazing viral idea at the end. In an online world filled with scams and hype it is comforting to find a real make money idea by a respected guru which does not boast of huge profits but instead can provide small and continuous commissions.

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Read the amazing book which took the Internet by storm The Ultimate SuperTip

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