Setup Your Website in 2 hrs Even If You Don't Know Anything About HTML

By: Sherman Choo

One of the concerns from my subscribers is the concern of not putting a website up because they do not know any HTML.

It is a valid concern because without your own website, you're not going to make any money. The good news is that with the right resources, you can create a website without much hassle.

Let us look at them here:
Website Solution #1: WYSIWYG and Templates

WYSIWYG is an acronym for “what you see is what you get” and applies to “point and click” web editors which allow the user to design web pages visually.

You will not need to touch any HTML code. Although it does help to know very basic HTML.

Here are some recommended tools and template resources to get you started on the right foot immediately:

Frankly with this WYSIWYG and template solution, you can create a website far easier and quicker than you imagine possible. The ones I personally use are Evrsoft and Xsite Pro and NVU.

Website Solution #2: Outsource it

You can hire a web designer to design your website for you. All you need to do is place your project with as much information as possible so that interested designers can reply you with an accurate quote.

Always look out for past customer reviews to ensure that you get good work done for the money you're spending on your website.

Website Solution #3: Blogs

Blogs offer a free solution and effective solution to have a website of your own. Blogs can be set up in less then 5 mins. The popular ones are

Blogs have the advantage of being indexed faster by the search engines then a normal website. They can also be easily monetized with Adsense to provide you a stream of income. Because they're point and click, they're very effective for the HTML newbie.

A typical blog can have up to 3 Adsense Ads according to Google's Term of Service.

Website Solution #4: Funded Sponsoring Franchises

Finally, if you are a busy or lazy marketer who wants good results fast without the time and effort normally required of the DIY route, use a Funded Sponsoring Franchise these sites solve the techy stuff of website creation by creating a site for you completely free. They also serve to qualify prospects on your behalf before anyone contacts you. This eliminates the problem of spending time with untargeted leads that have no interest in your business. You can simply plug your business into the website and start profiting immediately.

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