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Shiprocket, Event Espresso, Data Tables Generator and ClassicPress News in Episode 409

Red umbrella over many black umbrellasIt's Episode 409 and I've got plugins for WooCommerce Shipping, Managing Events, Data Tables, and Classic Press Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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With that lets dive right into the meat and potatoes. I have a great set of plugins for you today!

To start off I have a plugin that I have yet to use but thought you might want to know they exist. Keep in mind the ratings are based off the descriptions on their site and using their demo if available.

Sent in by Sanjay Negi


Requires:3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.1.6
Released:05 January 2017
Last Updated:08 May 2024
(2.7 star out of 5)

Not sure how many listeners I have in India, since this seems to be focused there, but there goes.
What they say:
Shiprocket is India’s leading eCommerce shipping solution. It is packed with various features that help you in shipping across 26000+ pin codes in India and 220+ countries across the globe. With the Shiprocket-Woocommerce plugin, you can easily handle all your order fulfillment processes such as inventory management and shipping at one place.
With this FREE shipping plugin, you can ship at discounted rates starting from Rs. 27/500g. Also, you can choose from 15+ courier partners that include leading names such as FedEx, Delhivery, Gati couriers, and DotZot. Sync your Woocommerce account with Shiprocket using our plugin and simplify your eCommerce shipping! Here are a few more features you get in the Shiprocket panel.
1. Auto order import from your Woocommerce website
2. Cash on delivery or Prepaid mode of payment
3. Courier recommendation engine for suggesting the most suitable carrier
4. Insurance cover of up to Rs. 5000 on lost shipments
5. Automated NDR panel for faster return order processing
6. White labeled tracking pages with regular tracking updates
And they have a premium version available.

Rating 3 Dragons


WordPress news and info

WordPress 5.2.1 was released this week

With 33 bug fixes

Elementor's “Hello” theme is now available on WordPresss repository.

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the plugin was reviewed in Episode 405

The Last Discount Plugin you will need for WooCommerce:
Set up bulk discounts by applying a percentage or fixed discount off the quantity of an item ordered by your customer. It is a selling strategy that works for product sellers that want to move unsold products faster.
Check it out at

This plugin was reviewed in Episode 405.

Visit for more info.

The next plugin I have for you is:

Event Espresso & Event Espresso 4 Decaf – Event Registration Event Ticketing

Requires:4.5 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:15 September 2014
Last Updated:20 June 2024
(4.3 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
Garth from Event Espresso was on Episode 161, Interviewed Seth Shoultes on Episode 39 and I reviewed this plugin way back in Episode 37 where I gave it a 4 Dragon rating.

It has been a few years since I used this plugin. I had not used it in years as it had become difficult to use and there were better plugins out there for a lot less. This was brought to me in a recent project I just launched for the North American Garden Tourism Conference and they wanted to use Event Espresso so I had them buy the full license and, well, I am impressed at how well this plugin has improved over the past few years since I last used it.

It is much easier to use and make the setup of event tickets smooth and the display works well as well as the additional add-ons that make smooth connections. I can say however don't try to cheap out when using this plugin. Buy the full license, it will save you money.

Rating 5 Dragons.

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Next up I have:

Data Tables Generator

Freemium Plugin $39

Requires: or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:12 May 2015
Last Updated:13 June 2024
(4.7 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
While working on a project I had need to import a table from Excel and well as anyone who has tried other table plugins know this is a pretty hard thing to do. You usually convert to a CSV file and that works great but this time the table had special formatting I needed in it and a CSV file just wouldnot do the trick.

The free version of this plugin does a pretty good job but won't import the Excel file. I opted to buy the premium plugin and wowo it worked fantastic and once imported they have a great interface where you can manitipulate the table after the fact to tweak it a bit for your site.
Very nice plugin

Rating 5 Dragons

ClassicPress Options

Since the release of Gutenberg, and it fallout ClassicPress has garnered allot of attention. This is a fork of WordPress and is focused on Business Websites and is looking pretty good. It does seem in the past few months ClassicPress is comming into its own a bit and with some plugins now being created specifically for ClassicPress I do believe it has a future.

One thing I am looking forward to in the ClassicPress World is the expansion of the number of CP specific plugins and thier own repository. Currently there are not allot of CP sppecific plugin but I do know it is going to grow and I'll have to expand this segment then. Who knows it could take over the whole show.

This week's ClassicPress plugin is:

Since there are not a lot of ClassicPress dedicated plugins this week, I focus on some of the recent press ClassicPress is getting. Granted I had to go a few pages deep into Google to get these articles.

From RoughPixels Themes may 19, 2019:
ClassicPress as an alternative to WordPress

SpeckyBoy March 4, 2019
Behind the Scenes of ClassicPress – the WordPress Alternative

And check out the ClassicPress Club

And more this is a community that is growing and many talented people are migrating over to it as it looks to be treating people better.

an older article but something to think about
Rebel, Right Now – A Few Thoughts for WordPress Theme and Plugin developers

Side notes:

The Classic press editor for WordPress is being used over 4 million times and will loose support in 2022 only 3 years away. If you are one of them you might want to start a plan for moving to ClassicPress CMS. More about it at

To find a listing of ClassicPress specific plugins check out this link there is currently 37 plugins here and growing I look forward to the day they have their own repository. I can still recall WP when it had a small repository.

Closing out this Episode the Plugins I Covered Were:

John’s Plugins: Shiprocket – 3, Event Espresso – 5, Data Tables Generator – 5

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