Should More Websites Mean More Hassle?

By: Kevin Sinclair

A internet marketer or web entrepreneur having decided to pursue their goals by taking the path of developing a large number of niche websites, instead of concentrating on just one or two super sites, will eventually face the dilemma “should more websites mean more hassle?” Is the chosen web design software capable of easily managing 50, 100 or more websites, or is the task of managing and updating your portfolio of websites going to be far too much to handle?

Regrettably, many niche marketers are already well down the road before the problem arises and starts to have a significant affect on their business. They could possibly have 10 or 20 websites up and running before becoming aware that a problem exists. Once they know, they then have to ask the question “Should I keep going, or switch all my sites over straight away to another software?”

There is no single easy solution. The original software was chosen tailored to the need to build and manage a large number of websites as well as their intended method of maintenance on an ongoing basis. Changing existing sites over to another application may be way beyond their capability so they should stick to what they do best.

If it is intended to continue maintaining their growing portfolio by themselves, they should consider software such as XSitePro which is more than up to the task in hand. It is cheaper than, say, Dreamweaver and the learning curve is far less daunting. Although the included templates are not all that inspiring, there are much better ones available to purchase and it is quite easy to adapt template graphics to suit personal requirements.

To manage a large number of sites in XSitePro is relatively easy. The software can keep a check of Adsense information as well as multiple affiliate accounts, thus making it perfect for internet marketers. Changes to a site can be published by simply clicking the mouse. The built in reporting functions and SEO tools are very useful, saving much time and cutting out costly errors.

The XSitePro is, however, placed at a disadvantage with the growing popularity of social bookmarking sites and Web 2.0 as it is not built to design sites with the required functionality. Joomla and WordPress excel in this arena, and have the additional benefit of making collaboration and user created content very easy, although managing several WordPress or Joomla sites would present quite a challenge.

The XSitePro is also not equipped for blogging. However, there is an inexpensive, even free, option definitely worth consideration for managing many websites and this is Blogger. Even though WordPress has become the choice of blogging tool for many internet marketers, Blogger allows the creation and hosting of unlimited blogs for free, managing them all from one place, the Blogger Dashboard. Blogs can be hosted on hosting accounts if held, whilst all management can be carried out from the Dashboard.

One further option and probably the easiest if not the cheapest way to manage a large number of websites is to simply pay someone else to do the job!

Author Resource:-> Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

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