Should You Create Your Own Product?

Author: Gen Wright
In the course of my traffic generation business, I sometimes receive emails from customers asking me if they should create their own products to sell. As an online business owner, you have two choices – sell someone else's products and make a commission, or sell your own products and make the full amount.



So which one works better? And what should online marketers do?



At first glance, it does seem that selling your own products will make you a lot more money. Well, that's true. But there is a role for affiliate marketing – that is, selling other people's products. In other words, there is no right and wrong answers. It all depends on the individual.



For example, imagine you are a new Internet Marketer. You are just starting out, and you have no partners, no traffic, and no products to sell. So what do you do?



You can start by creating your own products and fail in advance. However, bear in mind that if you are just a beginner, the odds are against you. You do not have the necessary experience to make it work. So what if you are now a product owner. You still have to traffic, no sales experience, and no partners.



In this case, the best approach will be to sell other people's products first. You enjoy many benefits when you do so.



First, you get to see how others are doing it. You learn by observation and avoid making all mistakes that you would have made if you had started out creating your own products.



Second, you see results faster. Product creation takes time. As someone new in the business, you can't afford to wait 6 or 9 months before seeing revenue. You need to see revenue right now, and affiliate marketing allows you to do just that.



Third, promoting someone else's products give you the opportunity to build up some relationships. After promoting a few products, you would have made a few friends. When it's time to promote your own products, you now have some marketing allies.



After doing this for a while, you would have acquired some valuable experience, and picked up lots of lessons (for free) along the way. When you start seeing sales, and you can start thinking about how to grow your business.



Now is the time to think about creating products for yourself. You are still promoting other people's products at the same time, so at the back of your mind, you know that you have some money coming in. But this money is hardly near what you want to achieve.



Creating your own products can allow you to double or triple your income. The reason is that you earn the full amount of the sale.



So in the long term, you always want to think about creating and selling your own stuff. After you perfect your product, you can start inviting your partners to help promote the products. You can also invite affiliates to join in the promotion.About the Author:

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