Should You Use PPC Advertising to Promote a Brand New Site?

Author: Gen Wright
PPC, which stands for pay per click advertising is a very effective way to drive traffic. But is this traffic generation method suitable for promoting a brand new blog? Like all tools, you need to understand PPC before you learn how you can use it to for your own benefit.



When you have a new blog, nothing happens on your blog unless you start promoting it. PPC is just one way to drive traffic to your blog.



Before you start, stop and think about your own goals. What are you trying to achieve on your blog? Are you trying to build a readership? Are you trying to capture a lead? Or are you trying to make a sale?



Knowing your goals will help you come up with a better landing the page. A landing page is the page that you will be driving traffic to.



For instance, if you are trying to capture a lead, then you want to setup a page that gives away a free report or something valuable, and then encourage the visitor to sign up. You also want to allow the visitor to sign up in various ways (e.g. RSS or email).



If you are trying to build a readership, then you should drive traffic to your best article. Visitors subscribe to your feed or bookmark your blog because they anticipate that you have something valuable to offer that they may wish to receive. So they sign up, hoping to hear more from you.



Now if you are trying to make a sale, then you post a sales page, a banner, or an advertisement. These are all different forms of advertisements that are trying to entice the visitor to take action and buy something.



Once you have decided on your landing page, you can start to drive traffic.



Bear in mind that there are many methods of driving traffic. You want to use PPC because of the following reasons:



1) You get traffic quickly in a matter of hours.


2) You don't pay until someone clicks on your ad.


3) Anyone can buy traffic as long as you are willing to pay.


4) PPC allows you to find your target customers easily.


5) There is volume available in the event that you want to scale up your campaigns.



For new blogs, you can consider using PPC just to try to generate traffic quickly. With traffic, you can start testing things and get a better feel of how your visitors respond to your landing page.



However, be a little careful about your bids. If you don't know what you are doing, you can end up losing money with PPC because every click costs money.



If you don't have deep pockets, or if your campaigns are not profitable, then you need to rely on other traffic generation methods such as article marketing and seo.



So yes, for new blogs, do try out PPC but start small. Run test campaigns and try to keep your cost per click as low as possible. Don't scale up until you are absolutely sure that the campaigns will be profitable.About the Author:

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