Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin Review

 “On WordPress Plugins A-Z #196 I reviewed Simple Share Buttons Adder. Here are the impressions of Marcus Couch and I of this plugin, as heard on the show.”


“The last one I've got here, this is the part 2 of replacing Shareaholic coz the other part of Shareaholic was having a Sharing buttons from Twitter, Facebook across the bottom and so I needed to come up with 2 plugins to replace one. But I found another one called Simple Share Button Adder and of all the while I've tried that I went through to 4 or 5 or 6 plugins while I was looking for this replacement but this one turned out to be the best.”

“It was the simplest to use at the bestest play of button, most control over the lay-out to look and feel so you can get your share up button across the bottom, has a good look, if you wanna see how the other plugin looks just drop in to WP plugins A to Z and look one of our articles and see how these 2 plugins look in actions.”

“So this one here is Simple Share Button Adder again it work where it was supposed to, simple to set up and it was easy. So we have to give this one 5 out of 5.”




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