Clean and power your WordPress plugins with Site Cleanup, Joke of the day, Better HTMLTables, Bulk Deletion, SEO Migration

Site Cleanup, Joke of the day, Better HTMLTables, Bulk Deletion, SEO Migration

WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 111

It’s episode #111 WordPress Plugins A to Z and we’ve got plugins for site cleanup, joke of the day, better html tables, bulk deletion, SEO migration and a great new plugin to change content based on what season it is. All this and more coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z.

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MARCUS: I just used CMS commander to save myself a ton of time when dealing with a new client site. Let’s just say you have one really good site with the ultimate setup of plugins, or a personal list of favorites. Copying these plugins from one site to another is as easy as selecting the plugins you want to copy and choosing the destination WordPress install. One more click and you’re done. CMS Commander takes care of all the rest.

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John’s & Marcus Rant: What to rant about?

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Clean and power your WordPress plugins with Site Cleanup, Joke of the day, Better HTMLTables, Bulk Deletion, SEO MigrationListener Feedback / Audio Clips

Question no audio

John & Marcus,
I love your podcast!  I've learned so much from listening to you guys.  In one of your recent podcasts you mentioned a plugin for converting a site from Joomla to WordPress.  I'm about to begin a project like that for  It is a small community site for the first turbocharged, alcohol injected car in the U.S.  Oldsmobile only made them in 1963 and 1964.  My question is: Do you know of a good plugin for a forum?  Also, do you have any tips on how to convert the old forum threads in Joomla to a new forum in WordPress?

Thanks – and keep up the great podcast.

From the US store
Best Yet *****
Being Completely new to WordPress this podcast is excellent. These guys do a great job of getting to the point and giving useful feedback. the doesn’t follow the model of so many, with a couple of buddies just rambling about mostly nothing and adding crude humor. I would be completely comfortable recommending this show to “anyone” I know. I hope they keep up the good work. i am very thankful for their show. Be sure to give them a review and rating if you agree. We seem to spend more time writing complaints than giving compliments.
All-in 2013

very Nice and useful ***
First its obviously a vehicle to advertise their services… They plug themselves a bit much.. but the information they provide makes it worth it in the end. I listen on my ipad and often wish it was a video podcast because I want to see the plugins they review in action.. So thats dissapointing. but overall, if you're a WordPress user/developer, you should subscribe..

From our Canadian listeners
Excellent podcast – not to be missed *****
One of the best podcasts, I know of. Very focused on wordpress plugins, but that is a good thing – there are too many to try to keep track of yourself.. Keep up the good work guys.

Go-To_guys for wordpress Plugins *****
John & Marcus do a great job of showcasing useful plugins and more importantly staying away from the duds. keep up the great work.
Robin Heppel, Funeral Futurist

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World of WordPress News and other interesting WordPress related posts:

WordPress 3.6 is coming.. Scheduled for release in April shall we start a pool now..
new features expected to be Post Formats UI
Improvement to auto save and Post locking
New Theme 2013 designed for personal blogging sites
editorial workflow useful for multi blogger sites
new menus


**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**

WP Clean Up 1.2.1

The Lowdown:
I needed to clean up an older site and was actually looking to nuke it without wiping out major settings.
This one turned out to be a simple cleaner that does a nice job of cleaning up things like revisions, drafts, the large collection of spam comments one site I used it on have over 20k stored.. that's allot of space.. It also offers you the opportunity to optimize your database. all in all pretty good.

Rating 4 Dragons


Joke of the Day Advanced 1.2

Ok this one is just for fun and pretty much a complete waste of time but it is fun.. It simply adds a sidebar widget with a joke of the day from the Internet joke database. You can change from clean to dirty dependent on your desires..

Rating 3 Dragons


Bulk Delete 2.2.2

The Lowdown:
Well as I started looking for a complete nuke it solution I believe I found it here. With this plugin you can remove in stages or nuke the whole site of content.. This is useful if you have created a site with demo content and simply want it gone to start adding the real stuff. This is simple in is function you can remove everything in one shot by choosing categories or tags.. Or you can remove item by item. You can toss it into the trash if you are unsure or simply toss it all out. All in all a great little plugin to clean up the mess.

Rating 4 Dragons.


**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**

SEO Data Transporter

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2.1
Last Updated: 2012-10-27
Downloads: 37,004

This plugin allows you to transfer your inputs SEO data from one theme/plugin to another. We all know how difficult it can be to switch themes or dump plugins. The fact that themes and plugins store their inputs SEO data differently makes it even harder. This plugin remedies that.
Just choose what platform you're moving away from, and what platform you want to move to. Click “analyze” to see what records and elements are compatible, and click “convert” to make the conversion.
Supported Themes

  • Builder
  • Catalyst
  • Frugal
  • Genesis
  • Headway
  • Hybrid
  • Thesis (1.x & 2.x)
  • WooFramework

Supported Plugins

  • Add Meta Tags
  • All in One SEO
  • Greg's High Performance SEO
  • Headspace2
  • Meta SEO Pack
  • Platinum SEO
  • SEO Ultimate
  • WordPress SEO

Rating: 4 out of 5


Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.1
Last Updated: 2013-3-4
Downloads: 261

Have you ever wanted to show a lot of data in a table, but hate how badly it scales on smaller mobile devices? Footable solves this problem by hiding certain columns on smaller devices, but still allowing the user to expand each row to see the columns that were hidden.
This simple WordPress plugin allows you to easily include and configure the Footable jquery script into your site.Check out the homepage to learn more about Footable and see some demos.

Rating: 5 out of 5


WordPress Seasons

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.1
Last Updated: 2013-3-7
Downloads: 12

If you ever wished to automatically modify portions of text depending on the season, this very simple plugin will do the job for you. Just go to ‘Settings' and click on ‘Seasons' menu, and define the specific text you want to show for each season. Finally, insert the [season] shortcode within any content to show the season's related text.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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