Six Tested SEO Tips

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It seems these days everyone is an SEO expert. What they don't tell you is they're self-proclaimed experts in SEO with very little technical background and no credentials to back them up. Trying to find a quality SEO expert (a true expert) is becoming a frustrating task for webmasters.

An early black hat trick was to fill in all the white space on the page with the page keyword in white font color (white letters on a white background). If the page was viewed on the screen, it looked normal with five or six keyword occurrences, but if you looked at the HTML, you would see the keyword on the page say 300 times.

The idea was to use visual design and color to trick the human eye into not seeing a page loaded with keywords but to make it seem to the search engines that you are loaded with keywords.

Create a site which attracts viewers. On the other hand, you should place the menu bar and the graphic header on a similar location at each page. If the design of your site is interesting for the viewers, then they will keep on returning to your site. If you are not able to keep the users who visit your site, it means that your SEO is not effective at all.

The information erases all over and under expectations. It keeps the balance between what the company is going to do and what you want to achieve. Some webmasters are expecting for an overnight result on their search engine optimisation campaign.

You also need to determine whether this person has the clout – or access to those who have the clout – to get the necessary changes to the website made and to get buy in for the entire SEO initiative.

Comment Tags are used to include design notes in the background source code when creating a website page. Comment tags are supposed to be used only for adding instructions or reminders to your html code; previously, these tags were used to artificially increase the keyword phrase count / proximity for targeted keyword phrases.

Google considers page rank through link analysis, the more web pages that link to your website the higher the ranking. Some webmasters may create multiple websites at different domain names that all link to one another. This is the worst form of back hat seo techniques.

That first website has since been purchased by another, but not before they removed those links from the page. Which only happened after they had secured a strong position in the SERPs. Was this a calculated maneuver? Was it meant to push the boundaries of good SEO and then dispose of the evidence before a search engine could ban them? Maybe. But we'll likely never know.

It is not hard to build a web page that follows the rules and does not break accepted webmaster guidelines. There are 5 Beginner, 5 Intermediate and 5 Advanced SEO techniques that can help in your SEO efforts. However, these 5 abuses will get a web site banned if and when it is crawled by a search engine, or reported by a web surfer

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