make your WordPress site shine with SlideDeck2

Sliding into the Winner’s circle with SlideDeck

Sliders Sliders and more sliders.

make your WordPress site shine with SlideDeck2As so many people who use WordPress know there are dozens of image sliders out there now. In the beginning there was only a couple of them but in the past year the field has expanded dramatically and I have tested and talked about several image sliders on my podcast over at with varying degrees of success for them.

But I have discovered one that rises above all the rest and have been using it for about 6 months now and it has become a staple in my development.

It is called SlideDeck and you can get a free version here

or you can get the premium version here (yes an affiliate link)

SlideDeck 2 is the premium Content Slider that will make adding a slider to your WordPress website a breeze and give it that additional punch for improved professionalism that we are all looking for.

So what does this plugin do for you that other slide decks do not do?

Well it has several default lens’s you can customize yours for a quick change in look.

It is responsive like no other plugin in its field.

You can choose from several slide types:

  • Image Slide

  • Text Slide

  • Video Slide

  • and HTML


It allows you to create slides from numerous sources such as:

  • Facebook

  • YouTube (you can have it auto populate)

  • Vimeo

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

  • and so many more…

But my favorite ability this plugin offers with the premium version is being able to add full HTML as a slide. Now why would you think this is important well one of the great things to do these days is collecting emails for that all important email list. With this plugin you can add a very good looking email collection for from your favorite list managers such as benchmark email services. Or have two side by side one for your list and another as a feed from another website.

You can also add the slide to individual post/pages or use the great widget provided to add it anywhere on your site that you like and with a little creativity you can place them side by side.

The support for the plugin has been great as well as them keeping it up to date and correcting issues as soon as they happen such as the latest 3.6 drop for WordPress broke some users sliders and they were on top of it and had it fixed in no time.

Finally of all the slide decks I have used and keep coming across I often ending up replacing them with Slidedeck for its ease of use and that it never seems to fail. Even recently in a redevelopment of a site I had chose a theme that had a built in slide deck but it just would not do what I wanted it to do. So with some modifications to the theme I was able to make SlideDeck the default slider and the look of the site greatly improved.

Check it out you can get slide deck here:

You can get a free version here

or you can get the premium version here (yes an affiliate link)