Some Truths about Website Design

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Website Design Company has seen a lot of people who are so desperate to get a website that they are going with site builders and free templates. Most site builders come with free hosting which can be advantageous as long as the host doesn't compose you put ads on your site. Website Design Company supposes very unprofessional site builders are also very common among MLM sites. A various free templates are very nice and very professional.

Limited Customization

Website Design Company considers chances are always with site builders they will tell you that the sites are able to be modified without HTML knowledge and without much effort. While Website Design Company believes some of this may be true, chances are you are particularly limited to what you can do to make them yours. You may be able to insert your own text, maybe even modify the colors but the site should look the same. And since they are presented with every hosting account, you do not really have a one kind of unique website.

Browser Compatibility

Including Website Design Company everybody knows it's no secret that the number one used browser is internet explorer but other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are getting more and more popular. For the most part site builders are attuned with all browsers, but there is a possibility that the site looks good in other browsers but not in internet explorer. In order to get the site to display properly in all browsers, Website Design Company suggests you may take advanced coding knowledge.

Page Limits and Hosting Change

While free templates can be stirred around and do not have page limits site builders are different because the site builder is part of the hosting package, so Website Design Company says your website can not be moved from one hosting account to another. This can be harmful for your website if you decide to change hosting companies because of lack of support, price, etc. So Website Design Company views if you have to move your site from one hosting account to another, you need to have a complete site rebuild agenda.

Site builders limit on how many pages you can have on your site that the limit won’t be more than 5. Website Design Company supposes this will work fine in the beginning but it will ultimately hamper your ability to grow your business. Humans want as much information as they can get as quickly as they can get it and if your site only has the basic home, about, pricing, services and contact information they will go for another site that provides them more information and then contact that business for their requirements.

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