Start Your Own Business For Free

By: Jean McKonnel

Cut through all the hype. Everyone wants to make a quick buck, that's a given. However, when it comes to starting your own business on the internet don't be confused by the glamorous offers that promise you vast wealth and a life style worthy of Bill Gates.

Contrary to what most “Super Affiliate” system sellers are saying, I can tell you without any question you don’t need to pay and small fortune to get started. In fact you can start your own business for free with just a bit of instruction which I will provide here in this article.

Yes it’s true that the Internet holds the key to amazing fortunes and prosperity for those who understand the methods and tactics that apply. But you can start your own internet business for free today without needing to invest a penny of your own money.

The methods are many but only a few are worthy of your time and effort.

Affiliate marketing is by far the most lucrative and the most common of the online wealth systems. What this means is that you advertise other peoples affiliate products and take a percentage of each sale generated through your affiliate links. Of course you must promote these links on your own dime but there are many free methods of marketing these affiliate links which I will show you.

Many of the best known companies offer affiliate programs through Commission Junction ( Another great beginners program is the Associates program. Go there and look around for more info on these programs. There is no cost to register and begin offering name brand products. So in essence through the Internet you now have a major advantage over the typical brand name brick-and-mortar outlet. In other words you don’t need to purchase any inventory to offer these products.

What you do need is a way to market your affiliate relationship. Affiliate links can be marketed in many ways for free. The easiest methods of marketing your new affiliate relationships are through your existing relationships. That means friends and family, then co-workers and church members. If you have a mailing list you can include your affiliate links in short stories or useful articles related to the product offer. Of course any websites you manage are prime targets for adding a web page to promote your links directly.

Article submissions (Like the one you’re reading now) are another excellent method of self promotion i.e. place a link to your web page in the signature block at the end of the article. While we’re on the subject of signature blocks think of all the places that you provide a signature on a daily basis. Emails, Your Business Card, Blog Comments, Forum Posts…Speaking of Blog comments you can start your own blog for free at or and create an entire catalog of products. All of these are common tactics of professional Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs.

There is so much more that we can do around this affiliate marketing subject that I could write a book but I digress…

Take advantage of all these free tactics. What you learn in the process will be invaluable to your future success as an online affiliate marketing entrepreneur.

Author Resource:-> Linda Kay is an original Internet Marketing Guru who has helped hundreds of her students become affluent Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs around the world. Visit her website at

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