The “Hike Club” for men

Window to the soul of the earth.

Window to the soul of the earth.

Well we have had a few weeks off but we managed to get out this past weekend and do a hike into the Sooke hills. There was only 2 of us on this hike and it was a short hike only 8k. We did a simple hike up to the campgrounds and just hung out there for a bit and then returned back.

It was a pretty uneventful hike with the weather being pretty warm for the first week of February. With the weather so warm, it did make for some very green countryside with a few snowdrops poking their heads up though the ground. There has been very little rain for the past couple of weeks so as you can see by the pictures the river is running pretty low. With the river this low it get allot noisier than I described in the last post since more of the rock are uncovered. It is an interesting time to go out here every few weeks and see how the environment changes with the weather.

It did make for great refreshment since we both had been pretty busy lately and mostly stuck indoors. It made for some great bitch session to allow us to vent about the world and life in general. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling stressed in their life to come on out a join us for the Hike Club.

We accept requests from others who would like to join us on a great hike and stress reducer. The only stipulation is that you must be male. Yes, this is a club only for men to enjoy, why well because we feel that men need a place to get away where they can act like men you know that simple male behaviour and some good male bonding.

We try to get out about every 2 weeks and go hiking sometimes every week sometimes every 3 week no real set schedule but we do get out regularly. If you are interested, and live in the Victoria BC area or are planning a visit here please email and I will contact you back.

Well until the next hike enjoy life.