The Difference Between Rack and Tower Servers

By: Derek Rogers
Every business needs some type of server, otherwise its computer network won t be very effective. Basically a server is just a computer. The only difference is that it is built for a specialised purpose and the software that it runs is slight different from a run of the mill desktop computer. The software is slightly different because it is what is known as server software.

The type of server software that is run really depends on what type of server you are wanting to run. If you were looking to host a website then you would, more likely than not, want a HTTPD set aside just for that. You can run multiple pieces of server software on a single server, so that s never going to be a problem. But what type of server do you want? No doubt you ve heard of tower servers and rack servers but you have no idea what the difference is, so let s go over that in detail

Tower server: This is the most basic type of server and it is also the cheapest. These servers look a lot like regular PCs, and that is because any PC can be a server so long as it meets the demands of the network. Typically a tower server won t have any of the extra features like an advanced graphics card, but it is made with its specific job in mind. Basically these are for those who think that they might need to upgrade in the future, even if the reason for said upgrade is unclear. There are some tower servers which can be mounted within a 19 inch rack. Those who prefer this however would likely rather use a rack mount server.

Rack Server: These sort of look like flat boxes and are approximately an inch and a half in height. These servers are great for conserving space if you happen to need a lot of servers in a very small area. Though they are good for space, there is one major downside. That downside is that they are not easily expandable. They might have the capability, but you would have to find a place to add an extra hard drive. So why would one choose this type of server?

Basically they are for companies that know precisely what they what their servers to do, they need room, and they re able to afford a set of rack mounted servers that will conform to their needs. This is actually a great example of a type of server on which someone might want to run some data management software.

These are the two basic servers that you will see in just about any business. The jury is still out as to which of these is better. Whether someone would sacrifice space in their office for more power, or whether a person would rather have the sleek and compact exterior of a rack mount server setup. It really comes down to personal preference and what your company needs. Remember there is no wrong choice here, unless your budgets imply doesn t allow for rack mount servers.

Author Resource:-> Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information about Network Servers, he recommends Prodec Networks, a leading provider of Network Servers:
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