The Secret To Getting Indexed In Hours By All The Major Search Engines

By: Gregg Hall

For all of us who make a living from internet marketing, driving traffic to our sites is one of the most important activities we do on a daily basis.

There are some definite steps that can be taken to speed up the process of getting indexed as well as proper domain name registration. I am going to give a quick outline here on how to go about this step by step using the latest tactics to your site indexed in hours instead of weeks.

The first thing that you have to do is be sure that you have a viable domain name; by viable I mean one that will make you money. It’s cool to have your own name as a domain and I recommend that everyone do it, but that isn’t generally going to make you money unless your name happens to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

It is absolutely crucial to choose domain names that contain the keywords you want to rank well for. It blows by mind how people will use abbreviations and such and expect to get good rankings easily. If you are doing a site on articles, the keyword articles should be in it like This research is crucial, to see the tools I recommend seeing my resource box at the bottom of the article.

Secondly, when you build your site regardless of whether it is a static site or a blog your title needs to have your main key words in it. So be sure that your site does not say, “Welcome to Homer’s website” or whatever, get my drift?

If you are doing a website on karaoke for example, your title should have words like karaoke, karaoke music, karaoke songs, etc. Only put in the top four words that you want to rank for. This is a mistake I see made daily. Either there is no relevant title at all or the title is stuffed with so many keywords that it is watered down and will never rank well. For the exact way that your title should read, contact me or see more at the link below.

In order to be indexed quickly you have to let the internet world know that your site exists and you need to do it in a rapid fashion. Once you have your site or blog up and have content of some kind on it you need to be getting attention to it.

I am going to let you in on a secret here that many people are not taking advantage of and I have tested it with no other method of promoting so I know it works. If you haven’t heard of tag and ping then you need to listen up. Tagging certain keywords is one of the fastest ways that you can get your site listed. If you aren’t doing this you are wasting precious time.

I will give you an example without giving away the name of my site. I just put up a WordPress blog on July 7th in a fairly high traffic niche. I wanted to test the method I am speaking of so I did no article marketing like I normally do, and didn’t even put any regular content on it. I used an automated blog posting tool and set it up to post “quality” RSS feeds on my topic.

Now, pay attention because it is what I did next that is crucial. I put technorati tags in the tool for keywords I wanted linking to my site. I set for the initial posting of four times a day, it was indexed by Yahoo and the Google blog search engine within two hours and in Google’s main index the next day!

Now that I know for a fact that this works I will begin my normal method for driving traffic which is writing articles and submitting them to all the major article directories. I highly recommend Article Marketer for this. It is not expensive and it makes it simple for you to submit your articles to thousands of ezine and article directory owners.

This is not a difficult thing to accomplish and if you are serious about your internet marketing business there are certain tools that I think you cannot be without. Some of them are brand new and have just come out that have made my life a lot easier and have saved me a ton of time allowing me to build more sites and write more articles. I am willing to share the names of those resources with you, so take advantage of it.

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