Tips for Choosing Perfect Domain Name

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For any website it's domain name is the basic foundation for making it a successful venture and also well known name. Take time and select the domain name, don't do it in rush. You can consult any professional firm for valuable tips and suggestions.

  • Keep the domain name short and sweet as it is much easier to remember. However the number of characters is not fixed in it but the number can be fast crossing five-word domain name. Therefore choose a domain name that is less than 10 characters but not more than 20 characters. If asked how much number of word domain names are considered best- the answer is ‘one' then ‘two' and ‘three'. Exceeding this number is not recommended.
  • Choose a domain name that is simple and easy to remember and dump the complex ones. The reason behind it is, simple domain names are easy to memorize by the visitors and they can easily re-visit your site. Usually most of the internet users just remember the domain name of their preferred site and do not use bookmarks.
  • Avoid using domain names that have strange pronunciation, alien words or some words that can lead the visitors to misspell it.
  • Most of the time you would observe that an ideal and good domain name starts with the .com extension. It is considered as the most preferred and ideal choice extension for the domain name. Site visitors that land at any website through search engines pay heed to the site's name instead of URL. As a result whenever they want to visit your site, they would enter the domain name with the .com extension.
  • An attractive and appealing domain name is surely the crowd puller. Domain name that is descriptive in nature can be informative about your site content to the visitors.
  • Proper domain name can serve as an effective brand for your site, thus users can relate specific brand name with your website. Basic characteristics of brandable domains are – they are visually attractive, good pronunciation or nice word combination.
  • Constraint the use of hyphen and numbers in the domain name. As the domain names that have these elements can be categorized into complex spelling. So most of the times visitors would only remember either hyphen or number or else forget their arrangement.

Thus the above points should be considered before creating catchy and attractive domain name for your website.


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