Tips on Building a Website With WordPress

By Josh Argent

Since you are interested in tips on building a website with WordPress, I will give you some really good ones that are perfect for small companies or someone that just wants to start earning online as quickly as possible and as easily as possible. First of all, I'll explain to you how WordPress is great for advanced web designers or even for a total newbie.

1) Very easy to manage a website using the platform of WordPress :

You can easily change the format of your website by going into the core php files and deleting sections of the code to suit your website using WordPress. For instance, you can take off the sidebar by just going into the sidebar file and erasing a certain section of the code and then saving the file after the changes have been made.

2) It is always being updated and you don't have to worry about security issues :

A lot of formats for setting up websites have loopholes for people to enter into the core part of a site and change the code to their benefit. WordPress is constantly being updated and all you need to do is to upgrade your version when there seems to be some security risk floating around.

3) You can also turn your website into a static page :

A static page is a one page site that is promoting a certain product or service . You can turn your blog into a static website and it will be very difficult for people to determine that you had set up your site using WordPress. This will make your site look very professional.

I find that it is easy to update any part of a site using WordPress. I suggest that you visit the following page that includes a video on getting your site up and running using WordPress: building a website with WordPress.

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