Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Business Website

By Daniel Morel

As you may already know, WordPress is the most popular blogging tools available today. But what you may not know is that it is a powerful Content Management System that can be used for more than just blogging. With WordPress you can build a powerful business website. This is a top ten reason why WordPress is a good choice for small business websites.

1. The number one reason I recommend WordPress is that it is free to use and is usually included as a one click installation in your hosting package. There are never any fees associated with the use of WordPress and creating a site is as easy as choosing a template and adding content.

2. WordPress was designed with the end user in mind. There is no technical requirements like knowing HTML, CSS or any other computer coding. The whole process of installing and updating content is straight forward and can be handled by first time computer users.

3. Since WordPress is a blogging software, it allows the user to publish content with ease. This content can be articles, news, specials, tips or any other content that relates to your small business. In turn all that content will get indexed by the search engines and return traffic back to your website.

4. A WordPress website is very fast and is fully searchable. Adding a search box to your website allows visitor to go into your post and article archives and find the information they require.

5. WordPress websites can now have a static home page so that the company's main message is front and center for your visitors. The blog section can be any other page you designate and can have any title you assign to it, be it blog, news, specials or events.

6. There are plenty of free WordPress templates that a small business owner can use as is or modify to fit the business look and feel. The best part is you do not lose any content when you change the templates and there is a preview option that allows you to see how the new template looks before committing to the change.

7. Your WordPress business website can be as small or as large as you want. A WordPress website can be only one page or you can have a complex navigation system with menus that displays sections, subsections and sub-subsections and so on. This means that your WordPress site can expand at will.

8. WordPress websites are supported but plugins and widgets that help with seo functions, advertising, form creation, spam control, menus, and so much more. All of the plugins and widgets are free to use and are supported by the creators or users of these plugins.

9. Once your WordPress website is online it can be edited from any computer in the world. This allows the small business owner to add, modify or delete content from anywhere at anytime. There is no need to contact a web developer to make small changes to your business website.

10. You can easily backup all the data from your WordPress website. This means you retrieve your precious data if you have a disaster with your current hosted version of your website. You can also move your entire website to another web host service if you do desire.

WordPress was originally designed as a platform for blogging, but as you can see you don't have to use it as a blogging tool. With a little work it can be used to run your website, with or without a “blog.” Using WordPress gives your business website some compelling advantages. It is optimized for easily publishing and changing content. And getting good search engine rankings requires fresh, unique content. With a WordPress website you have a content management system that takes care of all your needs when it comes time to update your website with a new article or newsletter.

Daniel Morel is an expert on Small Business SEO and is the owner of Morel Web Promotion in Niagara Falls, ON. Local Business Website Promotion

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